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Glosario sobre nutrición

abril 2022
Este glosario multilingüe en árabe, español, francés e inglés servirá de apoyo a la labor del personal del FIDA, así como a expertos técnicos y otras partes interesadas en el campo de la nutrición.

Transforming Food Systems: Directions for Enhancing the Catalytic Role of Donors

abril 2022
Based on the work of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development over the last two years, this white paper presents a set of responses and priorities for donor engagement and a menu of options for future donor commitments.

Research Series 69: Structural and rural transformation and food systems: a quantitative synthesis for LMICs

abril 2022
Using country-level data from 85 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), this paper outlines a food systems index (FSI) and analyses the linkages between food systems and structural and rural transformation, as well as population distributions.

Research Series 68: Exploring a food system index for understanding food system transformation processes

abril 2022
This paper explores the prospects for a food system index (FSI) capturing several key components that influence differences in food system performance at the country level.

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