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Investing in rural people in Türkiye

abril 2024

Türkiye is IFAD’s largest recipient of financial assistance in the Europe and Central Asia sub-region. IFAD investments contribute to reducing rural poverty in the upland areas of the country.

IFAD Project Procurement Annual Report 2023

abril 2024

The 2023 Project Procurement Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of IFAD's project procurement activities throughout the year.

Invertir en la población rural de Viet Nam

abril 2024

Esta hoja informativa sobre el país describe la estrategia del FIDA para erradicar la pobreza en Vietnam, que se centra en el desarrollo de innovaciones impulsadas por el mercado que ayuden a los pobres.

Investing in rural people in Zambia

abril 2024

The primary aim of IFAD’s work in Zambia is to increase the income and food security of poor rural people through sustainable, diversified and climate-resilient rural livelihoods.

Unleashing the Catalytic Power of Donor Financing to Achieve SDG 2

marzo 2024

This report presents the findings and recommendations of an enquiry into sustainable finance in agrifood systems conducted by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development.

Directrices para medir el cambio de género transformador en el contexto de la seguridad alimentaria, la nutrición y la agricultura sostenible

marzo 2024

Las Directrices incluyen una guía paso a paso para formular indicadores cualitativos y cuantitativos del cambio transformador de género que ayuden a las y los expertos en género y a las y los especialistas en programas de seguridad alimentaria, agricultura y nutrición en sus esfuerzos a la hora de diseñar, aplicar, supervisar y evaluar las intervenciones de género transformadoras.

Djibouti: Programme to Reduce Vulnerability in Coastal Fishing Areas

marzo 2024

This programme bolsters Djibouti’s climate adaptation and resilience by bridging multiple sectors, including fisheries, rural development and gender. This required considered coordination and communication among diverse stakeholders.

Mali: Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project

marzo 2024

This project introduced a range of renewable energy technologies to enhance the lives of rural people. Biogas digesters were coupled with latrines and slurry storage was developed. Sustainable bio slurry will replace chemical fertilizers, allowing households to save money and consume healthier foods. Biogas digesters also alleviate burdens on women and reduce deforestation.

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