IFAD Asset Request Portlet

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07 febrero 2020

Mr. President,

Mr. Chairman,

Governors, and Distinguished Guests,

We thank President Nwanze for his vision and leadership over the last eight years.  President Nwanze leaves a lasting and impressive legacy.  IFAD is an organization committed to excellence and accountability, and a focus on delivery of results on the ground. We look forward to working with President Nwanze’s successor to build on these successes and solidifying IFAD’s important role in helping countries make progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the vision of Agenda 2030.

We recognize IFAD’s management team and staff for their expertise and applaud their commitment to rural development.  This has kept IFAD at the forefront of rural development and efforts to impact positively millions of smallholder farmers every day.  We also commend the Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE), an indispensable source of knowledge and analysis for IFAD’s management and membership.  IOE facilitates a robust and candid debate of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, while providing methodological integrity and insight into IFAD’s work.

Through its focus on supporting rural economic growth in remote locations where few other donors operate, IFAD helps to advance efforts to combat hunger and poverty around the world. Through its engagement, IFAD contributes to fostering inclusive growth and the elimination of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition in poor countries.  IFAD also enables smallholder farmers to better access markets and to increase the profitability of their agricultural activities.  Such outcomes can help to build stability in fragile states and reduce migration flows.

IFAD is at its strongest and most effective when the institution works responsively and strategically with its membership.  We urge IFAD to assess ways that it can bolster its development effectiveness and improve its delivery of value for money.  In order to harness operational efficiencies and maximize development impact, IFAD should seek areas of strategic collaboration with the other Rome-based agencies that work to promote global food security and the international financial institutions.  We also urge management to pay close attention to programmatic, administrative, legal, and financial considerations as IFAD considers changes to its financial model.

We look forward to continuing our engagement with IFAD in the coming year, and working with the new president to build a more efficient and effective institution.