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Prosperity or the planet? Luckily, they're not mutually exclusive

All too often, value chain development harms the planet by emitting carbon and degrading environments. That’s why to build truly prosperous rural areas, we must make value chains not just strong, but sustainable.

Twenty years on from the first Farmers’ Forum, four farming leaders weigh in

We asked four farmers’ organization leaders from around the world about current challenges, new developments and their hopes for the future at the eighth global meeting of the Famers’ Forum.

Sophie Grigson on how diversifying crops in Malawi cultivates sustainability and resilience

IFAD Recipes for Change chef Sophie Grigson travelled to Malawi to meet local small-scale farmers who are fighting back against climate change by diversifying their crops.

Los Estados Miembros del FIDA aprueban un ambicioso plan de 2 000 millones de dólares para reducir el hambre y la pobreza de 100 millones de personas en las zonas rurales

Los 178 Estados Miembros del FIDA adoptaron hoy un ambicioso plan para mejorar la producción, los ingresos, la seguridad alimentaria y la resiliencia de más de 100 millones de personas en los próximos tres años.

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