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12 JUN

New US$62.1 million grant to help boost rural enterprise sector in Mozambique

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11 JUN

Swedish government joins Rome-based UN agencies to discuss Agenda 2030 climate change challenges

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07 JUN

UN agency President at EAT Stockholm Food Forum: striking the right balance to feed the world

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06 JUN

IFAD and Nepal invest US$68.1 million to improve incomes and food and nutrition security for rural smallholders

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05 JUN

Knowledge-sharing and partnerships are key to eradicating poverty and hunger by 2030

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28 MAY

IFAD Vice-President in Kenya to promote innovations for rural transformation

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25 MAY

Call for proposals: IFAD grant financing to implement a project on "Delivering Extension Services to the Last-Mile: Improving smallholders' access to innovation and pluralistic, demand-driven extension services"

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22 MAY

Independent evaluation shows that IFAD's support to Angola has helped small farmers to improve their livelihoods

Idiomas: English, Portuguese

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