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Los jóvenes como agentes de cambio

julio 2018
Fue justo después del mediodía, en un día caluroso y lluvioso de mayo, que nos reunimos con Emmanuel Abaysenga fuera de las instalaciones de las Industrias Lácteas de Nyanza.

Improving traditional products to reach new markets

junio 2018
Family farmers in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina and Egypt have increased their incomes, production and skills by taking part in a project funded by an IFAD grant and implemented by Oxfam Italia.

Empowering Afro-descendant communities in Latin America

junio 2018
Afro-descendants are among the most vulnerable populations in Latin America, facing the region’s worst rates of inequality, violence and rural poverty. A recent IFAD-supported grant worked to challenge these trends, empowering Afro-descendants to exercise their rights, increase their incomes and achieve greater social inclusion.

Cooperative of indigenous women in Guatemala reaches international markets

mayo 2018
In Guatemala, a cooperative of indigenous women is now exporting goods to international markets with the support of an IFAD grant.

Tools for the trade to reach new markets in Manila

mayo 2018
Roland’s workshop sits by the side of the road, a large wooden structure from which the sounds of a lathe and a hammer emerge from time to time. In the garden, two teenagers are stripping dried palm leaves into fibre, which a woman is wrapping around a knife handle.

Ecuador: El Airo's people want to stay in El Airo

mayo 2018
Talking about the roya (coffee rust) epidemic in El Airo, a rural community in southern Loja province in Ecuador, brings back bad memories to the minds of local coffee growers. In 2010 and 2011, this fungus devastated coffee plants all over the province, plunging farming families into poverty and forcing many of them to leave.

Un nuevo paradigma del desarrollo rural

abril 2018
Los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) representan el más amplio consenso alcanzado por la humanidad sobre el tipo de desarrollo al cual aspiramos. Establecen un mínimo civilizatorio sobre las oportunidades y niveles de bienestar a los cuales cada ser humano tiene derecho y definen las obligaciones de la humanidad respecto de nuestro planeta y sus generaciones futuras.

A Chefs’ Manifesto: How the food industry can deliver a better future for food

abril 2018
The SDG2 Advocacy Hub is a consortium of NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, private sector and UN agencies that collaborate on campaigns that help achieve SDG2 - to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.

Finding a future in farming in Guinea

abril 2018
Should I stay or should I go? This question is likely on the mind of hundreds of thousands of young people in developing countries wondering what the future holds for them at home and dreaming of a better life abroad.

10 ways in which ICTs can transform the lives of rural women

marzo 2018
What is the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), media and digital technologies in empowering women and girls? Rural women make significant contributions to their communities in a variety of ways.

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