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Sowing the seeds of progress – one woman’s story

marzo 2017
Rekha Pandram, 34, is a Gond woman who has transformed the lives of more than 7,500 women and their families across 40 villages in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

UN’s Rome-based agencies team up to fight hunger and support rural development in Madagascar

marzo 2017
The UN’s three Rome-based agencies demonstrated the power of working together yesterday when staff from the Madagascar interagency country team were recognized for their work to promote rural resilience and boost food security on the island nation off the east coast of Africa.

UN food agencies highlight successful collaboration in the field

marzo 2017
In an example of how the UN's three Rome-based food agencies are stronger working as one, staff from the Madagascar interagency country team were today recognized for their work to promote rural resilience and boost food security in the African island nation.

Building a life after conflict

marzo 2017
Rénilde Buhembe, 54, is a mother of three (two girls and a boy) who lives in the village of Rwingiri in Gitega province in central Burundi. She was widowed at age 18 and when in 1993, civil war broke out, she took in three more little boys who had lost their parents in the conflict.

IFAD to host high-level conference on innovative approaches to financing for rural development

enero 2017
IFAD is joining forces with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Brookings Institution and the University of Warwick to host an international conference in Rome.

Case study: Shifting to conservation agriculture to build resilience to climate change

noviembre 2016
Moldova has agriculture as its key economic sector. At the same time, the national economy and rural livelihoods are inherently highly vulnerable to climate change related events.

Protecting women’s rights in the face of domestic violence in India and Burundi

noviembre 2016
Each year, to raise public awareness of gender-based violence across the world, the United Nations recognizes 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Recipes for change: Pollo Pibil

noviembre 2016
Try the Recipe at home: Pollo Pibil - Mexico

Amidst drought and flooding, Malawian farmers look to diversify their diet

noviembre 2016
An IFAD-supported project is encouraging Malawian farmers to eat the food they produce - instead of over relying on maize and other food products that they are forced to buy.

Ayudando a los agricultores bolivianos a ganar terreno al cambio climático

noviembre 2016
ambién quieren construir un lavadero para evitar gastar tiempo y dinero en desplazarse hasta Capinota para lavar las verduras y tubérculos que cultivan antes de venderlos. Incluso quieren comenzar a criar ganado de forma sistemática. Tener vacas les permitiría mejorar todavía más la alimentación de la comunidad gracias a la leche y sus productos derivados y aprovechar el abono natural que generan para el cultivo. Hablando acerca de todos los desafíos que enfrentan, Elías Solís, otro líder comunitario, asegura: “Queremos demostrar que somos capaces de seguir ganando tierras al río para alimentar a nuestras familiar y asegurar la seguridad alimentaria de nuestro país”.

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