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Cómo se financia la resiliencia en Gambia

diciembre 2022
In The Gambia, the second phase of IFAD’s Rural Poor Stimulus Facility helps vulnerable communities get back on their feet after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Un cultivo de antaño para una crisis de ahora: cómo la mandioca ayudó a los samoanos a surfear la pandemia

diciembre 2022
Ante la amenaza de inseguridad alimentaria durante la pandemia de COVID-19, los habitantes de Samoa recurrieron a un alimento básico ancestral para alimentar a sus familias y comunidades.

Rising sea levels threaten Egypt's fertile plains in the Nile Delta

diciembre 2022
The Nile Delta is the breadbasket of Egypt, but climate change threatens agriculture here. IFAD is working to protect the land and improve the quality of previously infertile land. Sabrina Dhowre Elba, IFAD colleagues, and project coordinators and participants describe how this is changing people’s lives.

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