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Francoise Haova: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
Francoise Haova lives in Tanandava, Androy, Madagascar. She was 66 when she was interviewed on 19 November 2009 for the Rural Poverty Report 2011. The

Manantane Babay: spreading the risk

diciembre 2014
"Indeed [education is] important, but it was my affliction that caused me to leave," says 19-year-old Manatane Babay, from Tanandava in Androy, southern

Francoise Haova: funeral brings destitution

diciembre 2014
Francoise Haova is a 66-year old widow who lives in Tanandava, in Androy, southern Madagascar. Some of her children have migrated for work; some of her

Nawal Mohamed Khalil: farming, “a miserable life”

diciembre 2014
"We work all day long, just to feed ourselves", says 47-year-old Nawal Mohamed Khalil of Dondeed village, Dakahlia province, Egypt. She and her husband

Nawal Mohamed Khalil: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
Nawal Mohamed Khalil lives in Dondeed, Dakahlia province, Egypt. She was aged 47 when she was interviewed on 22 December 2009 for the Rural Poverty Report

Ibrahiem Abo Zeid: no jobs for the young

diciembre 2014
Ibrahiem Abo Zeid, 55, a semi-retired resident of Dondeed village, Dakahlia province, Egypt, describes the last 10 years as "the peak of suffering for

Zhang Guobao: 'physical strength is our capital'

diciembre 2014
Zhang Guobao – of Donghao village, Hebei province, China – is a widower of 43 who lost his sight in a mining accident in 2002. "Physical strength is our

Li Guimin: business matters

diciembre 2014
Li Guimin, aged 50, lives in Donghao village, Hebei province, China, where she has been head of the Village Women Deputies Committee since 1995. In addition

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