Agricultural Resources Management Project in the Governorates of Karak and Tafila

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Agricultural Resource Management Project in the Governorates of Karak & Tafilat

Agricultural Resources Management Project in the Governorates of Karak and Tafila

The Karak and Tafilat governorates are among the poorest in Jordan. IFAD worked to improve natural resource management there by focusing on arresting soil degradation and restoring fertility. Improving the production potential of natural resources helped farmers diversify and boost their incomes. Credit for rural poor people was also included in the project to help provide alternative sources of income through the development of rural microenterprises. At the project’s midpoint, 70 per cent of the stone walls planned to reduce run-off and soil erosion had been built. In addition, credit amounting to US$1.3 million had been disbursed, leading to an increase in household income of 12 per cent.

Phase II of this project is being designed. This phase aims to reach 134,000 rural poor farmers and landless people, and will undertake the following activities:

  • strengthening the capacities of local communities (men and women)
  • supporting soil and water conservation (on-farm and off-farm)
  • building institutions to improve access to extension services and suitable technologies
  • constructing rural roads to provide better access to markets and social facilities
  • promoting rural finance systems that specifically benefit poor people

Source: IFAD

Estado: Cerrado
Fecha de aprobación
06 diciembre 1995
1995 - 2003
Desarrollo Agrícola
Costo total del proyecto
USD 18,52 millones
Financiación del FIDA
USD 12,81 millones
Cofinanciadores (Nacional)
National Government USD 2,41 millones
Beneficiaries USD 2,83 millones
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