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Helping women and men build a more secure and dignified future.

The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global alliance of over 200 civil society and intergovernmental organizations in 64 countries. Through the Coalition, they work together to put people at the centre of land governance.   

ILC’s goal is land governance that recognizes people’s dignity and human rights. The aim is to place the people who live on and from the land at the centre of decision-making, including about their food systems. This includes women, men, young people, and indigenous communities of both current and future generations.

The ILC has been hosted by IFAD since it was founded in 1995. It continues to emphasize that access to land and natural resources is fundamental to IFAD’s efforts to reduce poverty, increase food and nutrition security, and strengthen resilience in rural areas.

Over the past decades, the ILC has engaged with complex and rapidly changing realities by providing a space where civil society and intergovernmental organizations can come together. It is a space for constructive dialogue, where members meet on equal terms. Members can challenge and learn from one another in determining their transformative visions for land governance.

ILC also supports national multi-stakeholder platforms that are connecting more than 300 land-focused organizations in 20 countries. These National Engagement Strategies have played a decisive role in influencing land policies. By helping formulate and implement these programmes, ILC helps women and men to build a more secure and dignified future.

At the global level, ILC has contributed to the widespread recognition that land rights are central to development agendas. In addition, it has raised the bar for standards of good practice in land governance. In the first year of ILC’s 2016-2021 Strategy, the collaborative efforts of its members brought about legally enhanced tenure security for over 32,600 individuals in more than 37,000 households and 95 villages. They have also led to sustainable management of natural resources over an area of over 20,000 hectares.

The ILC organizes its work and governance through an Assembly of Members, a Coalition Council, Regional Platforms and a Global Secretariat.


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