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Smallholder access to markets

IOE just published an evaluation synthesis report on smallholder access to markets.

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Impact Evaluation of the Sofala Bank Artisanal Fisheries Project in Mozambique

IOE has just published an Impact Evaluation of the Sofala Bank Artisanal Fisheries Project in Mozambique.

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Just released: IOE newsletter - Issue No 15

IOE has released its fifteenth electronic newsletter. The aim is to promote transparency and share knowledge with partners and stakeholders about key developments related to IOE's work.

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Evaluation manual: second edition

IOE has released the second edition of the Evaluation Manual, which contains the core methodology that the IOE uses to conduct its evaluations.

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IFAD’s Decentralization Experience

IOE just published a corporate-level evaluation of IFAD’s decentralization experience.

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The Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE) conducts evaluations of IFAD-financed policies, strategies and operations to promote accountability and learning. The main purpose is to contribute to improving IFAD's and its partners' performance in supporting rural transformation in developing Member countries.

IOE's independent evaluations assess the impact of IFAD-funded activities and give an analysis of successes and shortcomings – to tell it the way it is – as well as identify factors affecting performance.

Based on the key insights and recommendations drawn from evaluation findings, IOE also communicates and shares IFAD’s knowledge and experience in agriculture and rural development with a wider audience.

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    • Highlights from India country programme evaluation workshop held in New Delhi, India, on 12 May 2016

    • International Technical Seminar on enhancing the evaluability of Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2). End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. 17-18 November 2015, IFAD Headquartes, Rome, Italy

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