Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI)

The ARRI consolidates the evaluations of IFAD operations completed by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE). Since the first ARRI was presented to the Evaluation Committee and the Executive Board in September 2003, IOE has published consecutively 14 issues of this annual report up to December 2016.

Aiming to provide an integrated perspective across all types of evaluations, the report highlights the results and impact of IFAD activities, discusses lessons learned, and draws attention to related systemic issues with a view to further enhance IFAD's development effectiveness. In addition, each year since 2007 the ARRI concentrates on the learning issues which are recurrently emerging in IOE's evaluations as areas that merit additional reflection and debate in order to enhance the performance of IFAD operations. The learning theme presented in the 2016 ARRI is knowledge management, with an emphasis on how operations can learn to improve performance.

Among others, the report is intended to provide the basis for discussion by the Executive Board and IFAD on how IOE can best present a synthesis of its evaluation findings. All multilateral and bilateral agencies are having to face up to a similar challenge, to a greater or lesser extent, namely how to analyse and report on their overall effectiveness on the basis of limited evaluation and performance information. With the experience gained in the past 14 years, IOE has accumulated an important amount of evaluative data and information for larger-scale analysis and has been tracking the evolution of performance and impact of IFAD operations. In addition, the adoption of the Evaluation Manual  on methodology and processes (since 2009) has facilitated the process of consolidating all spectra of evaluations, based on the more rigorous guidelines for evaluations.

IOE is committed to continue sharing learning and experience with other multilateral and bilateral agencies to improve the practice of presenting a synthesis of evaluation findings.

ARRI learning themes