Project evaluations

Since 2011, IOE conducts project performance assessments, subsequently renamed project performance evaluations (PPEs). The overall purpose of a PPE is to promote accountability and learning for better development effectiveness. PPEs assess project results and impact based on the project completion report validation and additional information and data collection at the country level through a short field mission.

PPEs generate findings and recommendations that inform the design of new projects as well as the implementation of ongoing projects.

Before 2011, IOE conducted full-fledged project evaluations, which included interim and completion evaluations.




  • Programme for Sustainable Development in Rural Mountain Areas (2015)
  • Mountain Areas Development Programme (2008)


  • Rural Development Project for the Northeastern Provinces (PRODERNEA) (2009)
  • Programa de Crédito y Apoyo Técnico para Pequeños Productores Agropecuarios del Noroeste Argentino (1995)


  • Republic of Armenia: Rural Areas Economic Development Programme
  • Armenia: North West agricultural services project (NWASP)


  • Azerbaijan: North-East development project


  • Finance for Enterprise Development and Employment Creation Project
    • Netrakona Integrated Agricultural Production and Water Management Project

  • People’s Republic of Bangladesh: Microfinance for Marginal and Small Farmers Project
  • People's Republic of Bangladesh: Microfinance and Technical Support Project


  • Belize: Community-initiated Agriculture and Resource Management Project (CARD)
  • Belize: Toledo small farmers development


  • Benin: Projet de développement rural de l'Atacora
  • Republic of Benin: Roots and tubers development programme
  • Bénin PDRT: Programme de développement des racines et tubercules - PDRT (2001 – 2008)
  • Republic of Benin: Income - generating activities project


  • Agriculture, Marketing and Enterprise Promotion Programme
  • First Eastern Zone agricultural project
  • Punakha Wangdi Valley development project


  • Plurinational State of Bolivia: Management of Natural Resources in the Chaco and High Valley Regions Project
  • Bolivia: Proyecto de Desarrollo y Consolidación de las Colonias de PequeñosAgricultores en el Departamento de Santa Cruz (PRODEPA)
  • Bolivia: Chuquisaca North Agricultural Development Project
  • Bolivia: Cotagaita San Juan Del Oro Agricultural Development Project
  • Bolivia: Proyecto de Desarrollo Agropecuario Cotagaita-San Juan del Oro - Resumen ejecutive de la evaluación terminal
  • Bolivia: Chuquisaca South Rural Development Project

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Farm reconstruction project, re-stocking activities


  • Botswana: arable lands development project


  • Federative Republic of Brazil: Gente de Valor - Rural Communities Development Project in the Poorest Areas of the State of Bahia
  • People's Republic of Bangladesh: Microfinance and Technical Support Project
  • Federative Republic of Brazil: Sustainable Development Project for Agrarian Reform Settlementsin the Semi-Arid North-East (Dom Hélder Câmara Project)
  • Brazil: Community Development Project for the Rio Gavião Region (PROGAVIÃO)
  • Brazil: Second Ceara Integrated Rural Development Project

Burkina Faso

  • Burkina Faso: Projet de développement rural de l'ORD de l'Est (1987)
  • Burkina Faso: Special Programme for SWC/AGF in the Central Plateau (1993)
  • Burkina Faso: Community-based Rural Development Project (2008)
  • Burkina Faso: special programme soil and water conservation and agro-forestry in the Central Plateau (2004)


  • Burundi: East Mpanda rural development project
  • Republic of Burundi: Rural Recovery and Development Programme


  • Kingdom of Cambodia: Rural Poverty Reduction Project in Prey Veng and Svay Rieng
  • Kingdom of Cambodia: Community-Based Rural Development Project in Kampong Thom and Kampot

Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde: Community-based Agriculture and Livestock Development Project PRODAP
  • Cape Verde: Projet de développement agricole intégré d'Assomada

Central Africa Republic

  • Central African Republic: Projet de développement rural intégré de l'Ombela Mpoko


    • Quadis of Kamen Agricultural Development Project

  • Chad: projet de sécurité alimentaire au Nord-Guéra - Phase I


  • People’s Republic of China: Environment Conservation and Poverty-Reduction Programme in Ningxia and Shanxi (2016)
  • People’s Republic of China: Rural Finance Sector Programme - Project Performance Assessment
  • People’s’ Republic of China: West Guangxi Poverty-Alleviation Project
  • Qinling mountain area poverty-alleviation project
  • People’s Republic of China - Southwest Anhui Integrated Agricultural Project


  • Republic of Colombia - Rural Microenterprise Development Programme (PADEMER)


  • Congo - Projet de développement des cultures vivrières dans le district deKindamba

Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica: Northern Zone Agricultural Credit Development Project
  • Costa Rica: Proyecto para Pequeños Productores de la Zona Norte
  • Costa Rica: Proyecto de crédito agrícola

Côte d'Ivoire

  • Cote d'Ivoire: projet de développement rural de Dabakala Katiola
  • Cote d'Ivoire: Projet de pêche artisanale en lagune Aby

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

  • Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea: Uplands Food Security Project(UFSP)


  • Republic of Djibouti: Microfinance and Microenterprise Development Project (2016)
  • Djibouti - Projet de Développement de la Pêche Artisanale - Phase I


  • Dominica: Integrated Rural Development Project

Dominican Republic

  • Dominican Republic: South Western Region Small Farmers Project - Phase II
  • Dominican Republic: Pequeños Productores Agrícolas de la Región Sur Oeste
  • Dominican Republic: Proyecto Pequeños Productores Agrícolas de la Región SurOeste


    • Republic of Ecuador: Development Project for Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian Peoples (PRODEPINE)

  • Republic of Ecuador: Development Project for Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian Peoples (PRODEPINE)
  • Ecuador: Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural Integrado Sur de Loja - DRISUR


  • Egypt: West Beheira Settlement Project (WBSP)
  • Egypt: Minya Agricultural Development Project (MADP)
  • Egypt: Fayoum Agricultural Devleopment Project (FADD)

El Salvador

  • El Salvador: Agricultural Credit for Phase III of a Programme
  • El Salvador: Smallholders' Agricultural Development Project in the ParacentralRegion (PRODAP)

Equatorial Guinea

  • Equatorial Guinea: agricultural development project on the Mainland


    • Eastern Lowlands Wadi Development Project - Completion Evaluation


  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Pastoral Community Development Project II
  • Ethiopia: special country programme
  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Rural Financial Intermediation Programme
  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Southern Region Cooperatives Development and Credit Project (SOCODEP)
  • The Federal Democratic Republic of EthiopiaSpecial Country Programme, Phase II (SCP II)


  • Gambia: Jahaly and Pacharr smallholder development project
  • The Gambia:Rural Finance and Community Initiatives Project
  • The Gambia: Small-Scale Water Control Project (SSWCP)


  • Georgia: Rural Development Programme for Mountainous and Highland Areas - Project Performance Assessment
  • Georgia: Rural Development Project - Project Performance Assessment
  • Republic of Georgia: Agricultural Development Project


  • Ghana: Smallholder rehabilitation and development programme
  • Ghana: Rural Financial Services Project
  • Republic of Ghana: Rural Enterprises Project – Phase II
  • Republic of Ghana: Upper West Agricultural Development Project
  • Republic of Ghana: Upper East Region Land Conservation and Smallholder Rehabilitation Project (LACOSREP) - Phase II
  • Ghana: Root and Tuber Improvement Programme (RTIP)
  • Ghana: Rural Enterprises Project
  • Ghana: Upper East Region Land Conservation and Smallhoder Rehabilitation Project (LACOSREP)


  • Guatemala: Generation and Transfer of Agricultural Technology and Seed ProductionProject - PROGETTAP
  • Guatemala: PROZACHI:Proyecto de Desarrollo Agrícola para Pequeños Productores en Zacapa y Chiquimula (PROZACHI)
  • Republic of Guatemala: Rural Development Programme for Las Verapaces


  • Guinee: Projet de développement rural de la région de Siguiri
  • Guinee: Projet de réhabilitation agricole du Fouta Djallon
  • Guinee: Second projet de développement rural de Siguiri
  • Republic of Guinea: Fouta Djallon Agricultural Rehabilitation and Local Development Programme (PRAADEL)
  • Guinea: Smallholder Development Project in North Lower Guinea (PAPE-BGN)
  • République de Guinée: Projet de Développement des Petites Exploitations en Guinée Forestière (PDPEF)


    • Republic of Haiti: Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes Rehabilitation Project

  • Republic of Haiti: Small-Scale Irrigation Schemes Rehabilitation Project


  • República de Honduras: PLANDERO
  • Honduras: Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural de la Región Occidental: PRODERO


  • Republic of India: Livelihoods Improvement Project in the Himalayas - Project performance assessment
  • India: Orissa Tribal Development Project
  • Republic of India: National Microfinance Support Programme
  • Republic of India - North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project for Upland Areas
  • Andhra Pradesh Tribal Development Project
  • India: Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project - Completion evaluation
  • India: Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project - Mid-term evaluation


  • Indonesia: Smallholder Cattle Development Project - Phase II
  • Indonesia: Smallholder Cattle Development Project
  • Indonesia: Income Generating Project for Marginal Farmers and Landless


  • Jamaica: Hillside Farmers Support Project
  • Jamaica: Small Farmers Credit Project


  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: agricultural resources management project in the Governorates of Karak and Tafilat
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Yarmouk Agricultural Resources Development Project - Project performance assessment
  • Jordan: Agricultural Resources Management Project - Interim evaluation
  • Jordan: Agricultural Resources Management Project - Mid-term evaluation
  • Jordan: Income Diversification Project


  • Kenya: Animal Health Services Rehabilitation Programme


  • Kyrgyz Republic: Agricultural Investments and Services Project (2016)


  • Rural Livelihoods Improvement Programme in Attapeu and Sayabouri
    • Northern Sayabouri Rural Development Project Interim Evaluation

  • Lao People's Democratic Republic: Oudomxay Community Initiatives Support Project
  • Laos: Xieng Khouang Agricultural Development Project
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic: Bokeo Food Security Project


  • The Republic of Lebanon: Smallholder Livestock Rehabilitation Project


  • Kingdom of Lesotho: Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Programme
  • Lesotho: Agricultural Marketing and Credit Project
  • Lesotho: Local Initiatives Support Project
  • Lesotho: Soil and Water Conservation and Agroforestry Programme (SWaCAP)


  • Liberia: Smallholder rice seed development project


  • Madagascar: Upper Mandraré Basin Development Project – phase 2
  • République de Madagascar: Projet de mise en valeur du Haut Bassin du Mandraré – phase II
  • Madagascar: Project de Mise en Valeur du Haut Bassin du Mandrare


  • Malawi: Dowa West Rural Development Project
  • Malawi: Kasungu Agricultural Development Project
  • Malawi: Smallholder Fertilizer Project


  • Mali: Projet fonds de développement villageois de Ségou
  • Mali: Projet de développement agricole en zone lacustre


  • Islamic Republic of Mauritania: Oasis Sustainable Development Programme (2016)
  • République de Mauritanie: Evaluation de la Performance du Programme de Développement Durable des Oasis (PDDO)
  • Mauritania: Maghama improved flood recession farming project - interim evaluation
  • Islamic Republic of Mauritania: Poverty Reduction Project in Aftout South and Karakoro
  • Mauritania: Projet des Petits Périmètres Irrigués (1997)
  • Mauritania: Programme de redressement agricole I - Projet Oasis


  • Republic of Mauritius: Rural Diversification Programme
  • Mauritius: Small-Scale Agricultural Development Project - Ex-post Evaluation
  • Mauritius: Small-Scale Agricultural Development Project - Completion Evaluation


  • United Mexican States - Rural Development Project of the Mayan Communities in the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Mexico: Development for Marginal Rural Communities in the Ixtelra Region
  • Mexico: Oaxaca Integrated Rural Development Project


  • Moldova: Rural Business Development Programme


  • Mongolia: Rural Poverty-Reduction Programme - Project Performance Assessment
  • Mongolia: Arhangai Rural Poverty Alleviation Project


  • Kingdom of Morocco: Rural Development Project in the Mountain Zones of Al-Haouz
  • Kingdom of Morocco : Tafilalet and Dades Rural Development Project (PDRT)
  • Royaume du Maroc: Projet de développement des parcours et de l'élevage dans l'Oriental (PDPEO)
  • Morocco: Projet de Développement Rural de Plaine des Abda, Province de Safi
  • Morocco: Livestock and Pasture Development Project in the Eastern Region - Mid-term evaluation


  • Mozambique: Second Agricultural Rehabilitation Project
  • Republic of Mozambique: Niassa Agricultural Development Project (NADP)
  • Mozambique: Nampula Artisanal Fisheries Project


  • Republic of Namibia: Northern Regions Livestock Development Project


  • Nepal: Second Small Farmer Development Project
  • Nepal: Hills leasehold forestry and forage development project (HLFFDP)
  • Nepal: Production Credit for Rural Women


  • Nicaragua: Desarrollo Rural Integrado de la Region Pronorte


  • Niger: Programme Spécial National I Volet CES-DRS
  • Republic of the Niger: Special Country Programme – Phase II
  • Niger: Second projet de développement rural de Maradi


  • Federal Republic of Nigeria Community-Based Agricultural and Rural Development Programme (2016)


  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Community Development Programme (2015)
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Dir Area Support Project (2008)


  • Panama: Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural para las Comunidades Guaymí
  • Republic of Panama: Rural Development Project for Ngöbe-Buglé Communities

Papua New Guinea

  • Papua New Guinea: South Simbu Rural Development Project (SSRDP)


  • Republic of Paraguay: Peasant Development Fund Credit Project
  • Paraguay: Integrated Rural Development in the Department of Paraguari


  • Republic of Peru: Development of the Puno-Cusco Corridor Project
  • Republic of Peru: MARENASS
  • Peru: Proyecto de Desarrollo Rural de la Sierra Alta de Cusco y Arequipa
  • Peru: Proyecto Crédito para Pequeños Agricultores de la Sierra


    • Philippines: Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project – Project performance assessment (2012)

  • Republic of the Philippines: Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project
  • Republic of the Philippines: Western Mindanao Community Initiatives Project (WMCIP)
  • Republic of the Philippines: Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project - (CHARM)
  • Republic of The Philippines: Rural Micro-Enterprise Finance Project

Republic of Maldives

  • Maldives: Atolls Credit and Development Baning Project


  • Romania: Apuseni development project


  • Republic of Rwanda: Support Project for the Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture
  • Rwanda: Gikongoro Agricultural Development Project
  • Rwanda: Smallholder Cash and Export Crops Development Project

Saint Lucia

  • Saint Lucia: Small Farmers Agricultural Development Project

Saint Vincent

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Smallholder Crop Improvement and MarketingProject

Sao Tome and Principe

  • Sao Tome et Principe: Pilot food crop development project
  • Sao Tome et Principe: Second Artisanal Fisheries Development Project


  • Republic of Senegal: agricultural development project in Matam (PRODAM) (2004)
  • Senegal: Agricultural Development Project in Matam
  • Senegal: Rural micro-enterprises project
  • Senegal: Projet de développement agroforestier de Diourbel
  • Senegal: Projet de développement rural intégré de M'bour et Louga


  • Seychelles: Employment Generation Project

Sri Lanka

    • Sri Lanka: Small Farmers and Landless Credit Project


  • Republic of the Sudan: Gash Sustainable Livelihoods Regeneration Project
  • Sudan: Southern Roseires Agricultural Production
  • Sudan: The Northern Region Agricultural Rehabilitation Project


  • Swaziland: Smallholders Credit & Marketing Project
  • Swaziland: Smallholder Agricultural Development Project


  • United Republic of Tanzania: Rural Financial Services ProgrammeandAgricultural Marketing Systems Development Programme
  • United Republic of Tanzania: Kagera Agricultural and Environmental Management Project
  • United Republic of Tanzania: Participatory Irrigation Development Programme (PIDP)
  • Tanzania: Smallholder Support Project in Zanzibar
  • Tanzania: Southern Highlands Extension and Rural financial Services Project
  • Tanzania: Smallholder Development Project for Marginal Areas


  • Thailand: Agricultural Diversification and People's Irrigation Project in the North


  • Togo - Programme national de petit élevage


  • Tunisia: Integrated Agricultural and Rural Development Project in the Governorate of Siliana
  • Tunisia: Irrigation Development Project in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzi
  • Tunisia: Rainfed Agriculture Development Project in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid


  • Republic of Turkey: Sivas-Erzincan Development Project


  • Republic of Uganda: Area-Based Agricultural Modernization Programme
  • Republic of Uganda: Vegetable Oil Development Project
  • The Republic of Uganda: District development support programme
  • Uganda: Hoima / Kibaale Districts Integrated Community Development Project - Interim evaluation
  • Uganda: Agricultural Development Project
  • Uganda: Southwest Region Agricultural Rehabilitation Project


    • National smallholder support programme phase II (PRONAPPA II) (1999)

  • Eastern Republic of Uruguay: Uruguay Rural Project (2013)


  • Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Economic Development of Poor Rural Communities Project (PRODECOP)
  • Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Support Project for Small Producers in the Semi-Arid Zones of Falcom and Lara States (PROSALFA)
  • Venezuela: Proyecto de Apoyo a Pequeños Productores en el Estado de Sucre

Viet Nam

  • Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Rural Income Diversification Project in Tuyen Quang Province - Project performance assessment
  • Viet Nam: Ha Giang Development Project for Ethnic Minorities
  • Viet Nam: Agricultural Resources Conservation and Development Project in Quang Binh Province


  • Republic of Yemen: Raymah Area Development Project
  • Republic of Yemen: Tihama Environment Protection Project


  • Zambia: North Western Province Area Development Project - Interim evaluation report
  • Zambia: Forest Resource Management Project
  • Zambia: North Western Province Agricultural Development Project - Mid-term evaluation
  • Zambia: Smallholders Services Rehabilitation Project