International consultation on pro-poor Jatropha development

10-11 April 2008
Rome - Italy

Background papers


Risks and rewards for small-scale producers

Country perspectives: Food and fuel development

Keynote Address: Perspective of Bioenergy and Jatropha in Latin America and the Caribbean
Christopher Hansen, Deputy Director General, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture

Roundtable on financing Jatropha development

Private sector support to pro-poor Jatropha development

Multilateral perspectives

Foundation perspectives

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Prabhu Pingali, Head, Agricultural Policy and Statistics Division  
  • Syngenta Foundation, Marco Ferroni, Executive Director 

Policies and programs for Jatropha development for the rural poor

Summary of UNEP's roundtable


Agronomy and improving output and production

Post-harvest technologies, rural electrification and alternative by-products from Jatropha

Group discussion: Can we make Jatropha work for the poor?