A game of crops, weather, livestock and resources

FARMED is a game for 2-8 players where each one tries to use the available resources to make the best farm. It is a simple, yet fun and instructive game for players age 8 and up, that lasts for 15-20 minutes.

In the advanced version of the game, players may also join up in teams to learn the value of collaboration and market-awareness.

Purpose of the game

The game helps people learn more about IFAD’s priority themes - environment and climate, nutrition, gender and youth - while having fun.

Themes covered by the game are: the role of women, youth empowerment, preparing communities to respond to climate variability and environmental shocks, nutrition, and collaboration. 

FARMED can be used as a community facilitation tool to trigger higher engagement than traditional meetings and workshops.

Whose farm will be a success?

Players start with empty fields to grow plants and vegetables, raise livestock or farm fish. Each kind of plant and livestock needs a number of conditions to withstand the seasons: water, sunlight, heat and cold.

The Weather cards pile up gradually round after round and show how the season went: at the end of the year, the fields which did not meet the weather conditions are discarded. The surviving crops give points according to how many different kinds of plantations there are as well as the kind of crops in demand by the Market.

After some years, the player with most points wins! 

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FARMED has been developed by IFAD with the game designer Emiliano Sciarra

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