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Ghana Country Programme Evaluation

mai 2012
Ghana is the largest recipient of IFAD’s loans and grants in the West and Central Africa region. Compared with past results the performance of IFAD-funded portfolio in Ghana has improved according...

Rwanda Country Programme Evaluation

mars 2012
The performance of the IFAD-funded project portfolio in Rwanda has improved significantly since the country programme evaluation of 2005, especially with regard to effectiveness and efficiency, and...

Kenya Country Programme Evaluation

juillet 2011
This is the first country programme evaluation of Kenya by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD, since the Fund started its operations in the country in 1979. Among other areas, the...

India Country Programme Evaluation

juillet 2010
The evaluation confirms the value of IFAD’s work in addressing rural poverty in India. While the Fund has contributed to promoting pro-poor innovations in particular, it has also served as a...

Niger Country Programme Evaluation (2011)

mai 2010
Résumé exécutif Objectifs et grands axes de l'évaluation. En 2009, le Bureau indépendant de l'évaluation du Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) a été chargé d'entreprendre une...
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Argentina Country Programme Evaluation

janvier 2010
This is the first country programme evaluation undertaken by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD for Argentina. The evaluation found that the performance of the investment portfolio is...
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Nigeria Country Programme evaluation (2009)

septembre 2009
The objectives of the country programme evaluation (CPE) are to assess the performance and impact of the IFAD country programme in Nigeria and develop findings and recommendations. These will serve...

The Sudan Country Programme Evaluation

décembre 2008
Executive summary Introduction Evaluation objectives, methodology and process. The Office of Evaluation (OE) of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) undertook the Country...

Morocco Country Programme Evaluation (2008)

janvier 2008
Introduction L'assistance du FIDA au Maroc. Depuis 1979, le FIDA a financé neuf projets au Maroc, ce qui représente au total 146,3 millions de US$ de prêts à conditions intermédiaires. Le coût...
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Pakistan Country Programme Evaluation (2008)

janvier 2008
Executive summary Introduction At its eighty-ninth session in December 2006, the Executive Board requested the Office of Evaluation (OE) to undertake a Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) in...

Brazil Country Programme Evaluation (2008)

janvier 2008
Executive summary A. Introduction In December 2005, at its eighty sixth session, IFAD's Executive Board requested the Office of Evaluation (OE) to undertake a Country Programme Evaluation (CPE)...
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Mali Country Programme Evaluation (2007)

décembre 2006
L'assistance du FIDA au Mali.Depuis 1982, le FIDA a approuvé dix prêts, dont le total s'élève à près de 126 millions de US$. Ce montant a été porté à 280 millions de US$ par les contributions du...
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Rwanda Country Programme Evaluation (2006)

juillet 2006
Raison d'être et méthodologie d'évaluation1 De 1981 à 2004, le Gouvernement du Rwanda a contracté dix prêts auprès du Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA), pour un montant total de...
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Benin Country Programme Evaluation (2005)

janvier 2005
Depuis 1981, le FIDA a accordé au Bénin huit prêts d’un montant total de 91 millions de USD. En 1997, une première stratégie de pays pour la coopération entre le FIDA et le Bénin (COSOP) a été...
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Egypt Country Programme Evaluation

janvier 2005
Overall, most projects have objectives that are highly relevant to the IFAD and Government of Egypt strategies (at the time of design) as well as to the rural poor. The relevance of the portfolio...

Senegal Country Programme Evaluation

juin 2004
À la demande du Département des opérations du FIDA, le Bureau de l’évaluation a conduit entre octobre 2002 et juillet 2003 une Évaluation de Programme de Pays en République du Sénégal. L’objectif...
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Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (2004)

janvier 2004
Country programme evaluation process1 The Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) was undertaken by the Office of Evaluation (OE) at the request of the Government of Indonesia to take stock of...

United Republic of Tanzania Country Programme Evaluation

décembre 2002
The purpose of this country programme evaluation was to provide building blocks to update the country strategic opportunities programme for the United Republic of Tanzania and, in particular, to:...

Sri Lanka Country Programme Evaluation

janvier 2002
IFAD-supported interventions have, in general, targeted provinces with the highest incidence of poverty. Achievements in terms of infrastructure, agricultural development and credit have been...

The Independent State of Papua New Guinea (2002)

décembre 2001
Regarding the adverse effects of chronic malnutrition (stunting), Partha Dasgupta in his An Inquiry into Well-being and Destitution states that beyond efforts to provide emergency and food relief...