Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation

13 février 2014


This is the second country programme evaluation undertaken by IOE for Indonesia and it covers nine years of IFAD’s operations in the country (2004-2012). Overall, the IFAD portfolio in Indonesia has led to good achievements in social mobilization and gender equality, and to a marked progress in making investments for the enhancement of social infrastructure. The overall project portfolio achievement has been considered moderately satisfactory. At the same time, results related to on-farm and off-farm development and agriculture productivity enhancements have been limited: although these areas were included in project design, they did not get adequate attention during the implementation. Monitoring and evaluation systems have been constrained by insufficient capacity and are in need of improvement.


Executive summary
Approach Paper - Republic of Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation.pdf
Seizing Strategic Opportunities for Rural Poverty Alleviation (Issue #91 - 2014)
Small farmer poverty amidst Indonesia’s rising prosperity (Issue #26 - 2014)

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