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IFAD e-Learning Course: Impact Assessments

mars 2023
The accessible and easy-to-follow course combines the main underlying theories and methodologies of impact assessments with their application in real world situations. Participants will learn about preparing an impact assessment, principles of method selection, ethical issues, data collection, data preparation, analysis, interpretation and utilization.

Cours en ligne de gestion financière

août 2022
Ce cours couvre les principaux aspects de la gestion financière, en mettant l'accent sur les exigences spécifiques dans ce domaine des projets du FIDA. Le cours fournit des informations clés sur les différents aspects de la gestion financière et renforce les compétences des professionnels spécialisés.

Technologie géospatiale et méthodes participatives au service de la sécurisation des droits fonciers (GeoTech4Tenure)

juin 2021
Ce programme gratuit d'apprentissage en ligne aide les projets et les partenaires du FIDA et de la FAO à trouver des solutions de sécurisation des droits foncier grâce à des méthodes participatives et aux techniques géomatiques.

Core Outcome Indicators measurement guidelines (COI) – online training

avril 2021
This online training is a walk through the guidelines that lay out the mandatory methodology developed by IFAD for collecting timely and reliable data on CIs at the outcome-level at project baseline, midterm and completion stages.

Dons du FIDA - Un aperçu des principes et procédures de bonne gestion financière du FIDA

mars 2020
Cette formation vise à offrir aux bénéficiaires de dons du FIDA des orientations claires sur les exigences en matière de gestion financière pendant la mise en œuvre du projet.

Agricultural risk management for development

avril 2019
Understanding risk and its management play a central role in boosting the agricultural sector, food security, and the broader economy of developing countries.

Food loss analysis case study methodology

avril 2019
Food loss is a complex issue, often with multiple and interrelated causes operating at different levels. This e-learning course introduces the FAO case study methodology for the analysis of critical food loss points.

Scaling up e-learning

mars 2019
Learn about scaling up, its basic concepts and why it is important for organisations like IFAD working in agriculture and rural development.

Smallholder agriculture, environment and climate change

novembre 2017
Want to learn more about how you can design and implement environment and climate activities within your projects? Make sure you consult the e-learning modules on smallholder agriculture, environment and climate change. Course benefits: Better understand the current challenges associated with environmental degradation and climate change, and particularly its impact on IFAD-funded projects and programmes and target groups; Outline the key elements of IFAD's approach to ENRM and climate change issues and of its related policies, strategies and procedures; Provide resources, best practices, case studies and tools that project practitioners can use to improve project outcomes; Share information on services and financial resources available to support IFAD's operations Learn more

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