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Investing in rural people in Türkiye

avril 2024

Türkiye is IFAD’s largest recipient of financial assistance in the Europe and Central Asia sub-region. IFAD investments contribute to reducing rural poverty in the upland areas of the country.

Investir dans les populations rurales au Viet Nam

avril 2024

La présente fiche de pays illustre la stratégie adoptée par le FIDA pour éradiquer la pauvreté au Viet Nam, qui s’attache surtout à multiplier les innovations favorables aux pauvres.

Investing in rural people in Zambia

avril 2024

The primary aim of IFAD’s work in Zambia is to increase the income and food security of poor rural people through sustainable, diversified and climate-resilient rural livelihoods.

Djibouti: Programme to Reduce Vulnerability in Coastal Fishing Areas

mars 2024

This programme bolsters Djibouti’s climate adaptation and resilience by bridging multiple sectors, including fisheries, rural development and gender. This required considered coordination and communication among diverse stakeholders.