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China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility - Approved proposals: second call

février 2020
Established in February 2018 and entirely devoted to smallholder agriculture and rural development, the China-IFAD SSTC Facility is taking concrete actions to alleviate rural poverty, enhance rural productivity, advance rural transformation and promote investments among developing countries.

Le FIDA et les organisations paysannes - Partenariats en action: 2016-2019

février 2020
Rapport à la septième session du Forum Paysan, en conjonction avec la quarante-troisième session du Conseil des Gouverneurs du FIDA.

Policy brief - Enabling Family Farming to speed progress across the 2030 Agenda

janvier 2020
Evidence suggests that smallholder family farms are more sustainable, better at protecting biodiversity, more inclusive and more productive per unit of land than other kinds of farms.

Le FIDA en quelques mots

janvier 2020
Le FIDA est la seule institution multilatérale de développement qui s’attache exclusivement à transformer les économies rurales et leurs systèmes alimentaires. Il oeuvre dans des régions reculées des pays en développement et dans des situations de fragilité, là où peu d’organismes d’aide ou d’institutions financières internationales s’aventurent.
Également disponible en: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian

The faces of empowerment - Photo Essay about the beneficiaries of the Joint Programme on Rural Women Economic Empowerment

décembre 2019
This photo essay describes the different types of changes in the life of women that are participating in the JP RWEE.

Research Series Issue 61: The narrative on rural youth and economic opportunities in Africa: facts, myths and gaps

décembre 2019
This paper reviews the narrative on rural youth and economic opportunities in Africa, using a set of policy documents from various African countries and regional and international organizations.

Research Series Issue 60: Investing in rural youth in the Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia

décembre 2019
This study reviews the opportunities and challenges facing rural youth in the Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia region.

Research Series Issue 59: The rural youth situation in Latin America and the Caribbean

décembre 2019
This study offers a general picture of the situation of rural youth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Research Series Issue 58: Investing in rural youth in the Asia and the Pacific region

décembre 2019
This study characterizes the structural and rural transformation of the Asia and the Pacific region.

Research Series Issue 57: Unlocking the potential of rural youth: the role of policies and institutions

décembre 2019
This study presents a framework to analyse the political economy of rural youth policy and institutions’ opportunity space with a quadrant that measures the extent to which rural youth are a priority in policies and institutions versus the extent that governments have to effectively implement rural youth policies.

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