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The IFAD and Slow Food Case for Investment

novembre 2021
IFAD and Slow Food share a vision of supporting small-scale, diversified production and consumption mechanisms that focus on improving the marketing of local products.

Agricultural and climate risk insurance for smallholder value chains: Identifying common challenges and solutions

novembre 2021
This brief identifies and describes the principal challenges, and outlines possible solutions that development programmes can support.

GFRID Summit 2021 - Summary of proceedings

novembre 2021
The 2021 GFRID Summit focused on the role of remittances and diaspora investment in strengthening market recovery in the midst of the current global pandemic and on heightening the resilience of migrant workers and their communities.

La laine de yak: un fil à suivre

novembre 2021
Il s'agit de la première publication exclusivement consacrée à la production de laine de yak et sa commercialisation, en prenant en compte l’évolution socio-environnementale de la région de la Haute-Asie et de ses communautés d'éleveurs.

Joint Programme on Gender Transformative Approaches for Food Security, Improved Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture

novembre 2021
This is the official flyer of the JP GTA. It provides information about the Joint Programme's overview, background, objective, expected results, key components and country-level activities as well as key issues related to gender transformative approaches.

Climate Action Report 2020

novembre 2021
This third edition of the IFAD Climate Action Report (CAR) describes the efforts that IFAD has made during the year to integrate climate change into every aspect of its plans and operations.

Enhancing women’s resource rights for improving resilience to climate change

novembre 2021
This brief summarizes relevant findings from socio-legal analyses, combining the review of key legal and policy documents and literature on existing barriers to the recognition of women’s land rights.

Lessons learned from IFAD’S inclusive rural and agricultural finance experiments in West and Central Africa during the last decade (2009-2020)

novembre 2021
Lessons from a quick review of the diverse and varied financial schemes designed for, accessed by and used by poor smallholders and other rural stakeholders in IFAD’s project portfolio in West and Central Africa over the decade leading up to 2020.

Leveraging Policy Tools to Improve Impact of Financial Instruments in Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU)

novembre 2021
This brief illustrates effective instruments that overcome barriers to investments and leverage existing policy tools and instruments to address sustainable financing in the AFOLU sector.

Renforcement de la résilience face aux changements climatiques dans la région Asie et Pacifique

novembre 2021
Cette étude examine six projets, dans trois des principaux écosystèmes de la région: une région montagneuse, une zone humide et un delta de rivière.

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