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Transitioning shifting cultivation to resilient farming systems in South and Southeast Asia

juillet 2021
This resource book and policy briefs provide an overview of the impacts on food availability, ecosystem services and security of tenure in the shift to settled agricultural systems.

Analysis of livestock and pasture sub-sectors for the NDC revision in Kyrgyzstan

juin 2021
This detailed sector analysis features options for livestock and pasture sectors of Kyrgyzstan to adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Également disponible en: English, Russian

AVANTI - résumés par pays

juin 2021
Les résumés par pays de l'initiative AVANTI fournissent des informations et des enseignements tirés des expériences de l'initiative au niveau national.

Land tenure updates

juin 2021
IFAD is committed to promoting secure tenure and equitable rights to, and governance of, land, territories and natural resources, as a central tenet of rural transformation.

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