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Private-Sector Strategy: Deepening IFADs engagement with the private sector

avril 2015
This new IFAD strategy responds to these global developments and calls for IFAD to be more systematic and proactive in engaging with the private sector. The new strategy specifies how IFAD intends to deepen its engagement with the private sector (be it small, medium, or large; domestic, regional, or international companies) with the aim of creating markets for its target groups; improving their access to inputs, services, knowledge and technology; and increasing income-generating or job-creating opportunities for its target populations. For more information please click on the link below.

Rules of procedure of the Executive Board (2017)

juillet 2017
The Rules of Procedures of the Executive Board were adopted by the Executive Board at its First Session on 14 December 1977. The Executive Board amended rules 1, 2.2, 12.4,14, 18, 19.1, 20.3, 23 and 24 of the Rules of Procedure at its Fifty-Fourth Session on 13 April 1995. These amendments entered into force on 20 February 1997. The Executive Board at its Ninety-Eighth Session in December 2009 introduced a new rule 24. As a result of this amendment, rules 24 through 28 have been renumbered as 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29. The Executive Board at its 119th Session in December 2016 amended rule 7 and incorporated an annex to the Rules of Procedure in order to adopt the Principles of Conduct for Representatives on the Executive Board of IFAD. The amendment and annex entered into force upon approval by the Executive Board.

Research Series Issue 3 - Fostering inclusive outcomes in African agriculture: improving agricultural productivity and expanding agribusiness opportunities

avril 2016
This paper looks at the role of agriculture in fostering inclusive and sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. It discusses how improving agricultural productivity, smallholder access to markets and expanding agribusiness opportunities can accelerate transformation, investment and industrialization. The paper presents key investment and policy elements to be considered and points to the centrality of smallholders for the rural transformation process to be inclusive.

Research Series Issue 2 - Migration and Transformative Pathways

mars 2016
This paper analyses the role of migration in promoting rural livelihoods and discusses how migration interacts with transformative economic processes. Focusing on migration out of rural areas, it examines the impacts of migration on rural livelihoods and challenges the perspective that sees rural outmigration as a failure of rural development.

Annual Report 2004

juin 2005
Découvrez, dans notre Rapport Annuel 2004, les actions entreprises par le FIDA pour promouvoir la transformation du monde rural. Le document montre aussi comment nos investissements autonomisent les ruraux, femmes et hommes, et présente les données et les chiffres que nous communiquons à nos États membres et nos partenaires. Vous pourrez également en apprendre davantage sur les activités de plaidoyer que nous menons au nom des communautés rurales à travers le monde.