Investing in rural people in Sao Tome and Principe

mars 2020
IFAD remains one of the most important technical and financial partners in Sao Tome and Principe's rural sector, and its work has sparked the development of strategies and mechanisms to support poor rural populations, especially women, and their effective inclusion in relevant development interventions.

IFAD grants: A guided overview of financial management practices and procedures

mars 2020

This course aims to provide IFAD grant recipients with clear guidance on financial management requirements during project implementation.

Investing in rural people in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

mars 2020

IFAD began operations in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic in 1978. Our strategy is to ensure that poor rural people have more opportunities for sustainable food and nutrition security and improved livelihoods.

Stories from the field: Innovative agriculture

mars 2020
Unlocking opportunities for rural entrepreneurs and farmers in the sub-Mekong region.

Good Practice Brief: Fostering sustainability and resilience for food security in Niger

mars 2020
This brief highlights a project in Niger that is tackling climate change and land degradation and scaling up sustainable natural resource management for family farming.

Resilient Food Systems 2018-2019 Annual Report

mars 2020
Discover how the Resilient Food Systems programme is enhancing long-term sustainability and resilience for food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

Accelerating knowledge generation for data-driven decision making

février 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great potential for international financial institutions to accelerate knowledge generation and strengthen data-driven decision making. 

Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains: The role of climate-resilient infrastructures for SMEs

février 2020

This study reviews evidence on initiatives that invest in climate-resilient infrastructure to support smallholder farmer organizations and agribusinesses in the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) category and, ultimately, to foster inclusive and sustainable agricultural value chains. Case studies from the BRACED and ASAP programmes across sub-Saharan Africa are presented.

Informe de Género e Inclusión Social: Región Andina

février 2020
Las desigualdades de género todavía están muy marcadas en los países andinos a pesar de la mayor atención que se está dando a la igualdad de género y el empoderamiento de la mujer. 

Brief on Gender and Social Inclusion: East and Southern Africa

février 2020
This report summarizes the key facts about, and current observations on, the status of gender and social inclusion within the East and Southern Africa (ESA) region.

Argumentaire d'investissement du FIDA: Investir dans la prospérité rurale, l'alimentation et la résilience pour réduire la pauvreté et la faim compte tenu des changements climatiques

février 2020

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes à un tournant décisif – après des progrès sans précédent, la lutte contre la faim marque le pas et les succès enregistrés ces dernières décennies sont en passe d’être annulés. 

China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation Facility - Approved proposals: second call

février 2020
Established in February 2018 and entirely devoted to smallholder agriculture and rural development, the China-IFAD SSTC Facility is taking concrete actions to alleviate rural poverty, enhance rural productivity, advance rural transformation and promote investments among developing countries.