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On Air Dialogues – Listening to Rural Africans

novembre 2022
Farm Radio International’s On Air Dialogues gathered the perspectives and experiences of rural people in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso as they contend with climate change. People responded to poll questions and left voice messages sharing their opinions on and experiences of climate change and what global leaders should do to help them adapt and prosper.

ASAP Technical Series: Gender and Climate Change

novembre 2022
This paper defines gender sensitive as recognizing different roles of women, men, boys and girls, inequalities and gender power dynamics and trying to mitigate negative impacts in programme/action design.

Initiative conjointe des organismes ayant leur siège à Rome pour une alimentation locale à l’école

novembre 2022
La FAO, le FIDA et le PAM tirent parti de la coopération Sud-Sud et triangulaire pour appuyer des programmes nationaux visant à nourrir les écoliers avec des produits locaux.

Innovations agricoles au service du développement en Afrique

novembre 2022
Cette publication présente en détails différentes innovations développées au Kenya, en Tanzanie et dans d’autres pays africains par le FIDA et AGRA.

The Republic of Korea–IFAD partnership

novembre 2022
The Republic of Korea is one of the founding members of IFAD and currently sits on the Fund’s Executive Board. The Republic of Korea and IFAD remain committed to eradicating poverty and hunger, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How to do Note: Designing for and monitoring resilience for vulnerable rural households

novembre 2022
The RDMT aims at providing a framework for building the resilience of rural households and a step-by-step guide to designing for and monitoring the performance of resilience-building interventions during project implementation.

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