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Getting to work: financing a new agenda for rural transformation

juin 2015
This paper offers IFAD’s perspective on some of the key issues on the current debate on financing for development.

Brokering Development - Summary of Indonesia Case Study

juin 2015
This report forms part of a series of case studies that seek to identify key success factors for public–private partnerships (PPPs) in rural development, based on learning from IFAD’s experiences with PPPs in four countries (Ghana, Indonesia, Rwanda and Uganda). The Indonesian study aimed to identify the key factors driving the effectiveness of the cocoa value chain PPP in Sulawesi Tengah province. This was part of a larger five-year investment programme (2009-14) called Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Development (READ), implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. The PPP was developed as a partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture (represented by READ) and a private sector partner, Mars.

The Republic of Turkey and IFAD - Partnership for smallholder investments and opportunities

juin 2015
This publication is the result of a fruitful and close partnership between the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL), both at state and provincial levels, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
Également disponible en: English, Turkish

Travailleurs migrants et transferts de fonds: Marchés et flux européens

juin 2015
Les conclusions de ce rapport s’appuient sur une série d’études et d’enquêtes commandées par le Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA) et sur des analyses menées par le FIDA à partir de données de la Banque mondiale. Les membres du Mécanisme de financement pour l’envoi de fonds, administré par le FIDA ont contribué au financement de ce rapport, notamment la Commission européenne, le Gouvernement luxembourgeois, le Ministère espagnol des affaires étrangères et de la coopération, la Direction du développement et de la coopération de la Confédération suisse et le Fonds d’équipement des Nations Unies.

Brokering Development - Summary of Uganda Case Study

juin 2015
A case study of the Oil Palm PPP in Kalangala, Uganda. The PPP aimed to establish oil palm production (a new cash crop in Uganda) through private sector-led agro-industrial evelopment on Bugala Island, Lake Victoria. The study is mainly based on qualitative data collection through semi-structured key informant interviews and focus group discussions, and a document review. Researchers interviewed representatives of the main partners involved.

Brokering development - Enabling factors for public-private-producer partnerships in agricultural value chains

juin 2015
This research seeks to understand how public-private-producer partnerships (PPPPs) in agricultural value chains can be designed and implemented to achieve more sustained increases in income for smallholder farmers and broader rural development.

Brokering Development-Summary of Ghana Case Studies

juin 2015
This is a summary of the Ghana Country Report, based on research carried out in 2014 in association with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) as part of an IFAD-funded programme on the role of PPPs in agriculture. It is one of the four IFAD project-supported Public-Private-Producer Partnerships analysed for the research report ‘Brokering Development: Enabling Factors for Public-Private-Producer Partnerships in Agricultural Value Chains’. The report syntheses the four case studies and discuss the findings on how PPPPs in agricultural value chains can be designed and implemented to achieve more sustained increases in income for smallholder farmers and broader rural development.

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