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Using GIS as a potential methodology to assess the spillover (indirect) effects of IFAD’s interventions

avril 2022
This report documents how GIS methods and secondary data can be used as a complementary set of tools to conduct impact assessments when in-person interviews are not possible.

Côte d’Ivoire: Renforcer la résilience des petits producteurs face aux changements climatiques

avril 2022
Le Programme d’appui au développement des filières agricoles (PADFA) a pour objectif d’améliorer les activités après-récolte (conditionnement, stockage, transformation et commercialisation) dans les filières du riz, des légumes et de la mangue en Côte d'Ivoire.

Glossaire sur la nutrition

avril 2022
Ce glossaire multilingue, qui contient des termes normalisés en anglais, arabe, espagnol et français vise à faire mieux connaître et comprendre le sujet capital de la nutrition.

Transforming Food Systems: Directions for Enhancing the Catalytic Role of Donors

avril 2022
Based on the work of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development over the last two years, this white paper presents a set of responses and priorities for donor engagement and a menu of options for future donor commitments.

Research Series 69: Structural and rural transformation and food systems: a quantitative synthesis for LMICs

avril 2022
Using country-level data from 85 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), this paper outlines a food systems index (FSI) and analyses the linkages between food systems and structural and rural transformation, as well as population distributions.

Research Series 68: Exploring a food system index for understanding food system transformation processes

avril 2022
This paper explores the prospects for a food system index (FSI) capturing several key components that influence differences in food system performance at the country level.

Research Series 67: Towards food systems transformation – five paradigm shifts for healthy, inclusive and sustainable food systems

avril 2022
This paper highlights five fundamental paradigm shifts that are required to overcome trade-offs and build synergies between health and nutrition, inclusive livelihoods, environmental sustainability, and food system resilience.

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