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Unleashing the Catalytic Power of Donor Financing to Achieve SDG 2

mars 2024

This report presents the findings and recommendations of an enquiry into sustainable finance in agrifood systems conducted by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development.

Guidelines for measuring gender transformative change in the context of food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture

mars 2024

In the framework of the EU-RBA Joint Programme on Gender Transformative Approaches for Food Security and Nutrition, these Guidelines aim at enhancing the capacity of research and development partners to design, implement, monitor and evaluate gender transformative interventions.

Djibouti: Programme to Reduce Vulnerability in Coastal Fishing Areas

mars 2024

This programme bolsters Djibouti’s climate adaptation and resilience by bridging multiple sectors, including fisheries, rural development and gender. This required considered coordination and communication among diverse stakeholders.

Mali: Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project

mars 2024

This project introduced a range of renewable energy technologies to enhance the lives of rural people. Biogas digesters were coupled with latrines and slurry storage was developed. Sustainable bio slurry will replace chemical fertilizers, allowing households to save money and consume healthier foods. Biogas digesters also alleviate burdens on women and reduce deforestation.

Sudan: Butana Integrated Rural Development Project

mars 2024

This project established a Natural Resources Governance Framework which enables communities to manage their natural resources sustainably and reduce conflicts between settled farmers and pastoralists.

Mozambique: Pro-Poor Value Chain Development in the Maputo and Limpopo Corridors

mars 2024

PROSUL introduced innovations across various value chains, including technology for vegetable production and improved cassava varieties. Moreover, the project built climate-resilient infrastructure, such as irrigation systems, multifunctional boreholes and cattle fairs.

The Gambia: National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project

mars 2024

The project introduced various innovations, including tidal irrigation for rice production, village gardens to grow fruits and vegetables, roads to improve market access, soil and water conservation and ecosystem restoration, such as agroforestry and mangrove planting.