The Youth Advantage: Engaging young people in green growth

novembre 2018
En 2030, les jeunes représenteront environ 15% de la population mondiale, et les jeunes ruraux, environ 6%. Certaines régions du monde pourraient même se trouver confrontées à une explosion démographique de la jeunesse, qui constituerait alors une proportion sensiblement plus élevée de la population.

Research Series Issue 31 - Impact of modern irrigation on household production and welfare outcomes

octobre 2018
Investments in irrigation systems have been shown to substantially improve farmers’ productivity, and thus alleviate poverty. This study provides an example of such an investment: the Participatory Small-Scale Irrigation Development Programme. 

Chaînes de valeur et enjeu nutritionnel: Guide pour la conception de projets – Volume I

octobre 2018

"Chaînes de valeur et enjeu nutritionnel: Guide pour la conception de projets" a été conçu pour combler une lacune de connaissances dans ce domaine émergeant en proposant des orientations sur la conception de projets de chaînes de valeur intégrant l'enjeu nutritionnel, une attention particulière étant portée aux petits producteurs.

Research Series Issue 30 - Nutrition-sensitive value chains from a smallholder perspective: A framework for project design

octobre 2018
This paper addresses an important gap regarding the systematic knowledge and evidence on how value chains can contribute to nutrition, while remaining financially viable and inclusive of smallholder farmers. 

Research Series Issue 29 - Empowering through collective action

octobre 2018

This paper explores the conditions for collective action to generate inclusion when agriculture transforms. 

Research Series Issue 28 - Understanding the dynamics of adoption decisions and their poverty impacts. The case of improved maize seeds in Uganda

août 2018
This study estimates the impact of agricultural research, specifically improved maize seeds varieties, on agricultural productivity and welfare in Uganda using a three-wave panel survey. 

Effective rural development: IFAD’s evidence-based approach to managing for results

juillet 2018
This report reflects IFAD’s ongoing efforts to generate evidence to inform decision-making at the corporate and project level.

Research Series Issue 27 - Asia’s rural-urban disparity in the context of growing inequality

juillet 2018
This paper uses the available cross-country data to analyse the causes for the increase in the disparity between rural and urban areas in Asia. 

The IFAD-GEF Advantage II: Linking smallholders and global environmental benefits

juin 2018
​In 2014, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) released a report celebrating achievements through its partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Since then, the world has been responding to critical environmental and climate challenges.

The Business Advantage: Mobilizing private sector-led climate actions in agriculture

juin 2018
​With private contributions becoming increasingly pivotal to global climate finance, it is evident that scaling up and channeling private capital is crucial in meeting the goal of achieving the Paris Agreement and limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level.