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Sustainable and resilient Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems for improved nutrition

mai 2022
This toolbox provides guidelines on how to design and assess food biodiversity and dietary diversity projects with local communities, with the aim of improving the diets and nutrition of Indigenous Peoples.

Note pratique: Comment intégrer le Système de formation action pour l’égalité femmes hommes (GALS) dans les opérations du FIDA

mars 2022
La présente note a pour but d’indiquer comment intégrer le Système de formation action pour l’égalité femmes-hommes (GALS) pour faire évoluer les rapports entre les femmes et les hommes dans les opérations du FIDA.    

Understanding market demand: How to use focus group discussions in the development of inclusive insurance

février 2022
Understanding market demand is a critical step in the process of developing solutions to meet the risk management needs of rural poor people, particularly with regard to insurance.

Agricultural and climate risk insurance for smallholder value chains: Identifying common challenges and solutions

novembre 2021
This brief identifies and describes the principal challenges, and outlines possible solutions that development programmes can support.

Note pratique - Obtenir le consentement préalable, libre et éclairé dans le cadre des projets d’investissement du FIDA

octobre 2021
La présente note propose au personnel, aux consultants et aux partenaires nationaux du FIDA des conseils pratiques pour obtenir le consentement préalable, libre et éclairé aux étapes de conception et d’exécution des projets et programmes financés par le FIDA, conformément aux politiques et procédures du Fonds.

Making agricultural and climate risk insurance gender inclusive: How to improve access to insurance for rural women

octobre 2021
IFAD’s technical assistance programme INSURED (Insurance for rural resilience and economic development) has been building knowledge about how to strengthen women producers’ access to climate risk insurance.

IFAD communications toolkit

août 2021
Communications is key to help poor rural people build better lives. And this toolkit has been created to help us all get the job done.

Knowledge Management Resource Centre

août 2021
A resource for IFAD staff and consultants, project staff and partners who want to learn more about KM.

Rapid prototyping for inclusive insurance: Testing customer challenges and gaining early insights on feasibility

juin 2021
Prototyping aims to gather direct feedback on the solution and the wider insurance scheme, incorporate changes before pilot testing, and make any additional adjustments before the official roll-out.

Model terms of reference for the selection of a service provider for: Agricultural and climate risk insurance feasibility studies

juin 2021
These are model terms of reference (ToRs) for use by project designers and implementers in development organizations and governments. The objective of the ToRs is to support the contracting a specialized service provider to carry out one or more agricultural and climate risk insurance feasibility studies within the context of an IFAD-financed project or similar initiative.

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