IFAD provides US$40.1 million to help Indian farmers in Maharashtra overcome agrarian distress

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IFAD provides US$40.1 million to help Indian farmers in Maharashtra overcome agrarian distress

Rome, 30 September, 2009 – More than a million and a half poor rural people in the east of India's State of Maharashtra are set to benefit from a new US$40.1 million loan and US$1.0 million grant from IFAD to the Republic of India.
The loan and grant agreement for the Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra's Distressed Districts Programme was signed today in Rome by Mr Shri Arif Shahid Khan,  Ambassador of the Republic of India, and Kanayo Nwanze, President of IFAD.

Agrarian distress in the project area is due to a complex combination of factors including inefficient water use, depleting soil fertility, dependence on rainfall, mono-cropping, indiscriminate use of fertilizer and hybrid seeds and adverse market conditions. High input costs and uncertain returns have made agriculture a risky and largely unprofitable source of livelihood.

IFAD will be intervening on the request of the state and national government in a region plagued by farmers' suicides, a tragic human aspect of agricultural distress.  Maharashtra accounts for over a fifth of all such deaths in India, according to statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau. Many of the suicides are farmers who faced with decreasing yields have been unable to pay back farm loans offered at exorbitant rates by money lenders.

Immediate benefits from the IFAD-funded programme will be increased productivity through the introduction of in situ water conservation and organic farming practices and low external input sustainable agriculture.

Diversification into fruit, vegetable and livestock products will have a positive impact on nutrition. Increased carbon content will enhance soil fertility and increase moisture retention, allowing for higher cropping intensity.

To date, IFAD has funded 23 projects in India for a total investment of about US$ 534 million.

Press release No.: IFAD/43/09

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