IFAD Asset Request Portlet

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07 février 2020

Mr. Chairperson,

Mr. President

Distinguished Governors,

Ladies and Gentleman,


IFAD as the main promoter of smallholder agricultural development within the international organization system, is of extreme importance to my country.

As in many other developing countries, the agriculture sector, especially the smallholder farmers, form an important and at the same time a vulnerable part of the economy.

Important because they are the foundation of agriculture sector of Iran and the main roots to provide food security for the country; and vulnerable because they are so often the victims of consequences beyond their control.

Access to underground water for farmers is becoming more and more difficult. Drying up of large lakes and rivers both inside Iran and in neighboring countries have resulted in degradation of agricultural land and creation of a source for sand and dust storms, forcing large portions of farmers to lose their livelihood and migrate to cities in search of false sources of revenue.

Fortunately, their plight is given enough attention at policy-making levels in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The sixth national development plan, just passed in the parliament, has significant provisions for rural development, including women empowerment, water resource management and due attention to the adverse effect of climate change and environmental issues. we plan to use all capabilities available , including those of international organizations to achieve the noble goal of helping agricultural sector cope with a huge problems they face in Iran.

It is why, the Islamic republic of Iran, holds the place and role of IFAD extremely important and hope to see IFAD more visible in promoting the cause of smallholder farmers in Iran.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.