Saadia Imad, Chief Field Support Unit

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Saadia Imad

Chief Field Support Unit

I have been working with IFAD since 2016 as the Chief of the Field Support Unit. This role is an important element of IFAD's operations in the field - we provide the logistics, the conduit and the means for IFAD to carry out its mandate and operations. Not only the administrative aspect  - we also provide security coverage in the field, which is essential considering that IFAD has a significant presence in fragile states and conflict regions in the world.

I've been working with international organizations since 2004, previously in a project capacity but with different mandates and businesses. My educational background is also varied - I have a Masters in Applied Psychology (Pakistan), an MBA in Accounting and Finance (Stockholm) and a Masters in Human Resources Management and Organizational Analysis (London). I think it's a good combination in terms of the varied exposure I have – from finance, to humanitarian work to human resources.  

Providing support to other divisions is important and is a very fulfilling part of this job. I really enjoy working with a diverse group of people and different teams. Providing support to IFAD operations in the field, we are helping the rural poor people who are the focus of IFAD operations and poverty alleviation. My challenges ahead are to maintain a high level of service and focus on organizing and streamlining what we do in the Field Support Unit.