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Seiko Yabumoto

Assistant to the Director & Treasurer

01 janvier 2016

I've been at IFAD since 2006 initially as temporary staff and in 2007 I started working with the governing bodies office as an assistant. In 2011 I become Assistant to the Director & Treasurer. My roles at IFAD have been a great  way to be exposed to IFAD operations – all official documents pass through the Governing Bodies office and all the IFAD commitments and deliverables are recorded. That  was a great way to be thrown into IFAD's work. I have brought previous experience and knowledge with me from the private sector and the fashion industry. Everything that you learn, you never throw away. At IFAD I have been able to build on these experiences.

Being a part of IFAD is very rewarding. Sometimes we are so busy with accomplishing our daily tasks you forget we are one part of achieving a mission. When you stop and realize that, it is a big accomplishment. There are many ways at IFAD to have new experiences. I recently finished an MBA –  thanks to IFAD which helped me with the education assistance grant. I also recently undertook a mini sabbatical at UNEP in Geneva. I am thankful for a great experience which allowed me to combine UN knowledge and MBA experience and to undertake a new project.

Every day can be challenging. Probably, the biggest challenge was to manage work, family and my MBA. But with experience and a great team – I am equipped to face any challenge that comes along.