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A platform to take household methodologies to scale

The Empower@Scale platform helps organizations to address the root causes of gender inequality by incorporating household methodologies (HHMs) into their projects, which address the embedded gender biases and discrimination against women at the household level.

Livestock key to combatting climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Livestock-based food systems can be climate-friendly if managed well. A new assessment tool is helping governments calculate and predict their livestock emissions for use in their NDCs.

Des systèmes alimentaires prospères et une alimentation équilibrée pour tous sont indissociables

La malnutrition, et son impact sur la santé humaine et les sociétés, est directement liée à la santé de nos systèmes alimentaires. La création de systèmes alimentaires durables, résilients et inclusifs permettra d'améliorer durablement la santé, la nutrition et la productivité au niveau mondial.

Efforts to restore tropical peatlands need fire-free plantations

Peatlands across south-east Asia have been cleared for agricultural purposes, leading to a sharp increase in fires. To reverse course, we need to transition to sustainable, fire-free peatland management practices.

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