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07 DÉC

New IFAD-funded project to raise incomes of smallholder farmers in Uganda

Langues: English
05 DÉC

IFAD-financed projects support rural poverty reduction and agricultural development in Kenya

Langues: English
30 NOV

Kenya and IFAD to discuss results of impact evaluation and country strategy aimed at better targeting interventions and strengthening partnerships in the country

Langues: English
29 NOV

IFAD and Zimbabwe to affirm partnership and commitment to reducing rural poverty

Langues: English
29 NOV

IFAD and Egypt partner to reduce rural poverty and improve farm productivity and income

Langues: Arabic, English
27 NOV

Le 14 février 2019, le pape François s'adressera aux dirigeants du monde entier à l'occasion du Conseil des gouverneurs du FIDA, organisme des Nations Unies dont le siège est à Rome

Langues: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian
26 NOV

Bolivia and IFAD team up to improve the lives of rural poor people

Langues: English, Spanish
26 NOV

Agriculture Advantage 2.0: Transforming Food Systems Under a Changing Climate

Langues: English
23 NOV

L'appui du FIDA au Burkina Faso a favorisé une hausse de la productivité agricole et l'amélioration des revenus des ménages

Langues: English, French
22 NOV

Le Burkina Faso et le FIDA lancent un nouveau projet pour booster la productivité rurale et les revenus des petits exploitants

Langues: English, French

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