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23 JAN

International Women’s Day: Investing in rural women brings progress for their communities

Langues: English
21 JAN

IFAD's Annual Report 2013: A year's work in facts, figures and stories

Langues: English
21 JAN

Smallholder farmers are more than climate victims – says IFAD report

Langues: English, Spanish
21 JAN

19-20 février 2014: Réunion annuelle du FIDA

Langues: English, Spanish, French, Italian
15 JAN

Le FIDA accordera des prêts et des dons d'un montant de 258,38 millions d'USD à l'appui de programmes et projets de réduction de la pauvreté rurale de par le monde

Langues: English, Spanish, French
05 JAN

Sveva Belviso, Deputy Mayor of Rome Capital will join FAO, IFAD, WFP, Bioversity International and a testimonial to launch the 6th Run for Food Race dedicated to the Horn of Africa

Langues: English, Italian
05 JAN

Meeting on Horn of Africa calls for tackling root causes of famine

Langues: English

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