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28 MAI

IFAD Vice-President in Kenya to promote innovations for rural transformation

Langues: English
25 MAI

Call for proposals: IFAD grant financing to implement a project on "Delivering Extension Services to the Last-Mile: Improving smallholders' access to innovation and pluralistic, demand-driven extension services"

Langues: English
22 MAI

Independent evaluation shows that IFAD's support to Angola has helped small farmers to improve their livelihoods

Langues: English, Portuguese
22 MAI

Call for papers - IFAD Journal of Law and Rural Development

Langues: English
15 MAI

Une nouvelle opportunité pour les petits exploitants de l’Angola pour renforcer leur sécurité alimentaire et leur résilience face aux changements climatiques

Langues: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
14 MAI

Presentation of the results of the first evaluation of the activities and investments of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Angola

Langues: English, Portuguese
14 MAI

L'agriculture familiale, clé pour améliorer les régimes alimentaires et les conditions de vie en Guinée

Langues: English, French

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