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09 AOÛ

L’Angola vient de bénéficier d’un nouveau projet appuyé par le FIDA pour booster l'économie et les moyens d'existence des ménages en milieu rural

Langues: English, French
08 AOÛ

IFAD and Indonesia to tackle rural poverty issues at high-level Indonesia-Pacific Forum

Langues: English
25 JLT

As hunger threat grows across Africa, IFAD President visits Japan this week to strengthen work in the affected region

Langues: English, Japanese
17 JLT

Inclusive rural transformation is a central pillar to eliminate poverty in Brazil, says IFAD report

Langues: English
06 JLT

Zambia to benefit from US$22.2 million from IFAD to boost food security and nutrition and increase incomes of smallholder farmers

Langues: English
06 JLT

IFAD meets with El Salvador Ministers to promote rural development to curb youth migration

Langues: English, Spanish
05 JLT

50 millions de dollars canadiens aux Nations Unies pour appuyer la resilience

Langues: English, French

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