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21 NOV

IFAD President to discuss poverty alleviation with Pakistan Prime Minister and senior government officials

Langues: English
10 NOV

United Nations agency to present results of poverty reduction programme in the Philippines

Langues: English
09 NOV

Langues: English
26 OCT

Agricultural growth is not reaching its poverty-reducing potential in East and Southern Africa, says new IFAD report

Langues: English
21 OCT

IFAD and Peru sign $74.5 million agreement to create rural employment in conflict area

Langues: English, Spanish
20 OCT

UN agency calls for targeted policies and investments to end rural poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean

Langues: English, Spanish
20 OCT

IFAD renews commitment to rural prosperity in China with strategic $152 million programme

Langues: English
18 OCT

IFAD to begin investment in Iraq to address challenges of agriculture and rural development

Langues: Arabic, English, Italian
18 OCT

IFAD calls on governments in Asia and Pacific to focus on targeted policies and investments to end rural poverty

Langues: English

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