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Defining and measuring state fragility

février 2018
No state wants to be defined as fragile. But J.J. Messner’s job as co-director of The Fund for Peace’s Fragile States Index is to do just this. The Index tracks and assesses the performance of 178 countries on social, economic and political indicators to measure their fragility.

Ground-breaking research helps make insurance available to smallholder farmers

janvier 2018
Farming is an uncertain and risky business, especially for poor smallholders in remote areas of developing countries. However, a new study shows how data gathered by satellite could help poor farmers manage their risks more effectively through index insurance.

Au Brésil, les cultures autochtones offrent des solutions aux problèmes climatiques des agriculteurs dans la Caatinga – le FIDA et Slow Food en première ligne

janvier 2018
Allongement des saisons sèches et imprévisibilité des précipitations : dans l’État de Bahia, au nord-est du Brésil, les communautés agricoles de la zone semi-aride – le biome de la Caatinga – sont gravement touchées par ces phénomènes.

How avocados are making a difference in the Dominican Republic

décembre 2017
Marielena and Julio come from the town of San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic, where a small green fruit – the avocado – has changing their lives and that of their community.

In the pursuit of a better life

décembre 2017
Pathe Ndiaye, 26, stands in the middle of an onion field in Kaolack, Senegal and succinctly sums up why he returned to his rural home after spending years in the city. “Life is better here.”

Caring for the Planet Starts from the Ground

décembre 2017
Thouraya Lahmer and Aoun Ouni are two villagers from the south of Tunisia. Although they are not policy makers or soil experts, they both contribute to feeding the world.

La diaspora malienne offre aux jeunes maliens des perspectives d’avenir au Mali

novembre 2017
Au Mali, il est difficile pour les jeunes ruraux d'emprunter des fonds pour développer leurs activités agricoles. La situation devrait changer grâce à la plateforme Babyloan Mali.

Agriculture is finally on the agenda!

novembre 2017
In an iconic decision at COP 23, negotiators in Bonn agreed to new negotiation processes to “jointly address” a number of new agriculture topics – for the first time naming agriculture directly in the agreement.

UN Climate Change Conference – COP 23

novembre 2017
The UNFCCC COP23 is officially under way after an exciting opening ceremony. President of UNFCCC COP22 in Marrakech last year, H.E. Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, talked about the triumphs of the Moroccan presidency and paid tribute to Fiji.

Silvia’s Story

novembre 2017
The dry and dusty Tunuyán riverbed contrasts sharply with the dark and heavy clouds that threaten rain. "You are arriving just in time for the rain although, to tell you the truth, this year we have had plenty of it", comments Silvia Gómez, President of the Asociación La Gloriosa, with a smile. She welcomes us to La Gloriosa, in the department of La Paz in Mendoza, Argentina.

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