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5 mots autochtones liés à l’environnement qui n’existent pas en français

août 2022
Feux de forêts, inondations, vagues de chaleur, les effets des changements climatiques sont visibles chaque jour. Alors que nous peinons à trouver des solutions pour atténuer ces effets, les peuples autochtones ont beaucoup à nous apprendre.

How IFAD worked with governments in Asia to build rural resilience during COVID-19

août 2022
The pandemic pushed up to 80 million people in Asia into extreme poverty. Governments across the region had to respond quickly as incomes fell and food security was threatened. IFAD worked with them to ensure vulnerable rural people got the support they needed.

After the tsunami, home gardens provide fresh food and renewed hope in Tonga

août 2022
When a massive tsunami devastated low-lying coastal areas in Tonga, local people had to rebuild their lives from scratch. For many, home gardens provided much needed fresh produce, as well as renewed hope for the future.

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