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Nawal Mohamed Khalil: interview transcript

décembre 2014
Nawal Mohamed Khalil lives in Dondeed, Dakahlia province, Egypt. She was aged 47 when she was interviewed on 22 December 2009 for the Rural Poverty Report

Ibrahiem Abo Zeid: no jobs for the young

décembre 2014
Ibrahiem Abo Zeid, 55, a semi-retired resident of Dondeed village, Dakahlia province, Egypt, describes the last 10 years as "the peak of suffering for

Zhang Guobao: 'physical strength is our capital'

décembre 2014
Zhang Guobao – of Donghao village, Hebei province, China – is a widower of 43 who lost his sight in a mining accident in 2002. "Physical strength is our

Li Guimin: business matters

décembre 2014
Li Guimin, aged 50, lives in Donghao village, Hebei province, China, where she has been head of the Village Women Deputies Committee since 1995. In addition

Oumar Diédhiou: education helps farmers

décembre 2014
Oumar Diédhiou is a single man of 22 living in the village of Badiana, Casamance province, Senegal. He has two brothers and one sister, and has been the

Abibatou Goudiaby: "all I know is farming"

décembre 2014
Abibatou Goudiaby, aged 21 and married with three children, lives in Kagnarou village, Casamance, Senegal. She says, "Of course I would do something better

Pascaline Bampoky: “women are good managers”

décembre 2014
"I believe that if you come into a community, you have to follow its mode of functioning," says Pascaline Bampoky, a 30-year-old mother of three and a

Abdoulaye Badji: farming needs modernizing: education helps farmers

décembre 2014
Abdoulaye Badji, aged 50 and a member of the Jola ethnic group, lives in Senegal's southern province of Casamance. He supports his own family and two of

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