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Oliver Page talks about climate change and environment

mai 2020
Oliver Page, regional specialist, talks about climate change and environment

Putso Nyathi talks about agronomy

mai 2020
Putso Nyathi, senior regional technical specialist in agronomy at IFAD for the east and southern Africa region, talks about agronomy.

Tom Mwangi Anyonge talks about youth

mai 2020
Tom Mwangi Anyonge, lead technical specialist at IFAD , talks about youth, rural development and institutions.

Jonathan Agwe talks about rural finance, markets and enterprises

mai 2020
Jonathan Agwe, lead regional technical specialist talks about rural finance, markets and enterprises

Colombie: Reconstruire les vies et l’économie en zone rurale après un conflit

mai 2020
La Colombie est un pays riche en ressources naturelles et en populations différentes. Mais dans les petites villes et à la campagne, de nombreuses familles connaissent encore la pauvreté.

Le ciblage au FIDA – Mettre l'accent sur la création de perspectives pour les populations rurales pauvres

avril 2020
To improve its contribution to the 2030 SDGs Agenda of eradicating poverty in all its forms and in line with the Leave No One Behind framework, IFAD has committed to improve its targeting performance.

Senegal: Focusing on Ability

mars 2020
Djenalib Ba and Daba Diom are Persons with a Disability. Training received from IFAD-supported projects in rural areas of Senegal made them able to feed their families and send their children to school.

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