Sunamganj Community-Based Resource Management Project

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Sunamganj Community-Based Resource Management Project

Sunamganj Community-Based Resource Management Project

This project is working to improve access to essential services and resources, and to diversify livelihood options in Sunamganj, a district that is remote, neglected and characterized by destructive flooding patterns. Vulnerability and livelihood insecurity are severe in the district, particularly among households headed by women. The target group includes landless, marginal and small-scale farmer households and women.

The project adopts an approach that entails:

  • Providing access to savings and credit services at the village level that will promote high-value products (livestock and fisheries) with established marketing chains
  • Supporting the transfer of water and land management rights to improve beneficiaries' access to, and control over, natural resources
  • Restoring habitat to increase the production and availability of fish to local fishers
  • Promoting labour-intensive infrastructure development, including village erosion-protection works and storage facilities, to provide employment opportunities to the poorest and most vulnerable people and to reduce threats of erosion and flooding
  • Empowering women by addressing strategic gender needs such as access to knowledge and technology, control over productive resources, and development of leadership and management skills.

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Statut: Clôturé
Date d'approbation
12 septembre 2001
2001 - 2014
Développement agricole
Coût total
26,74 millions d'USD
Financement du FIDA
21,97 millions d'USD
Cofinanceurs (Échelle nationale)
National Government 4,46 millions d'USD
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Conditions particulièrement favorables
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Thomas Rath

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À propos du projet

À propos du projet

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