Rural Development Project for the North-west

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Rural Development Project for the North-West

Rural Development Project for the North-west

Most people living in north-west Azerbaijan depend on irrigated agriculture for their livelihoods. But the local irrigation system is deteriorating because of neglect, lack of maintenance and lack of resources.

The main objectives of the project, which is directly supervised by IFAD, are to:

  • rehabilitate irrigation infrastructure and introduce participatory irrigation management practices with the aim of ensuring efficient and sustainable system management
  • ensure delivery of advisory services, technology transfer, and financial and enterprise support services, and establish a sustainable microfinance system with significant outreach into rural areas
  • strengthen the capabilities of communities to look after their own affairs and plan and implement their own development initiatives more effectively

The project will help small farmers and pastoralists improve crop and livestock productivity and diversify their incomes, while assisting them as they organize themselves to gain access to the many support services available from other agencies and projects in the area. Activities have a focus on the most disadvantaged groups and on women.

The loan includes an allocation for technical assistance that will be used to:

  • provide guidance for institutionalizing effective participatory irrigation management practices
  • assist microfinance institutions in developing new products and marketing strategies and upgrading financial management
  • help community-based associations acquire needed organizational, business and resource management skills

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Date d'approbation
13 décembre 2007
2007 - 2014
Coût total
32,32 millions d'USD
Financement du FIDA
17,2 millions d'USD
Cofinanceurs (Échelle nationale)
National Government 13,01 millions d'USD
Beneficiaries 1,62 million d'USD
Conditions de financement
Conditions particulièrement favorables
Numéro de projet
Référent sur le projet
Dina Saleh

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