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Actuellement, le FIDA n'a pas d'opérations en cours au Yémen.

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Republic of Yemen Country strategy note Type: Country strategy note (CSN)
Région: Proche-Orient Afrique du Nord Europe et Asie centrale

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Increasing food security and climate resilience in Yemen

novembre 2014 - ACTUALITÉ
IFAD scales up successful programmes to stimulate economic growth in rural communities Rome, 26 March 2014 – A programme supported by the International

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Comment la guerre en Ukraine touche les pays les plus vulnérables au monde

juillet 2022 - RÉCIT
Les directeurs de pays des cinq pays prioritaires dans le cadre de l'Iniative de riposte à la crise lancée par le FIDA nous expliquent les conséquences de la guerre en Ukraine pour les populations rurales sur le terrain.

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A gender-balanced model for community development

mars 2015
In Yemen, a community-led project for fostering women's empowerment has imporoved the food security of thousands of landless and smallholder famers living in the poorest areas of the country. From 2004 to late 2012, the Dhamar Participatory Rural Development Project, cofunded by IFAD and the Government of Yemen, addressed the needs of the rural population in the Dhamar Governorate. By ensuring the participation of rural people in the decision-making processes and income-generating activities, the project improved the food security of substience farmers and their families in the villages of Dhamar.

ASAP Yemen factsheet

septembre 2014
The programme will stimulate more sustainable economic growth for women and men in rural communities. This includes increasing their resilience to climate change impacts by helping communities to diversify their livelihoods options and improving the management of natural resources. Investments in climate-resilient infrastructure will also support agricultural development.

Enabling poor rural to overcome poverty in Yemen

décembre 2011
IFAD is currently one of the two largest donors supporting Yemen’s rural agricultural sector. IFAD has worked in Yemen since the Fund’s creation, and has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge of the economy and society, and developed a wide network of partners in the country. IFAD’s goal in Yemen is to achieve improved, diversified and sustainable livelihoods for poor rural women, men and young people, especially those who depend on rainfed agriculture and livestock production systems in the poorest areas. IFAD has three main strategic objectives in Yemen: • empowering rural communities by strengthening partnerships with civil society organizations and using community-driven approaches so that poor rural people can manage local community development activities; • promoting sustainable rural financial services and pro-poor rural enterprises by developing savings and credit associations for disadvantaged groups in remote rural areas and developing rural enterprises that provide jobs for the unemployed, especially young people and women; • enhancing food security for poor households by restoring the productive agricultural base and improving productivity so that poor households can produce enough for household needs and a surplus that can be sold.

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