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Mobilizing farmers and producers for rural transformation

Farmer and producer organizations are important institutions that deliver services to their members, facilitate their access to markets, and empower small farmers to engage in policy dialogue. They have a key role to play in ensuring inclusive and sustainable rural transformation at the local, national and international levels.

To achieve their full potential farmer organizations need support. This is why IFAD partners with them. IFAD engages rural producers and their organizations in the design and implementation of our country strategies and projects.

To increase our combined impact, IFAD’s partnerships with farmer organizations are developed and implemented at different geographical levels, in different ways, and through different instruments.

How we partner

  • At the global level, the partnership between IFAD and farmer organizations has been developed under the aegis of the Farmers’ Forum (FAFO), a unique global process launched in 2005 which brings together farmers' organizations from around the world to address the challenges they face, develop recommendations to strengthen the partnership with IFAD, and to provide them with a platform to engage with high level Government officials and development partners. IFAD and farmer organizations also work together within other global partnerships to enhance farmer organizations' development of common advocacy positions and policy standards on key issues related to sustainable family farming.
  • At the regional level, IFAD has supported the institutional development of producer and farmer organizations networks through regional programmes such as the Support to Farmers' Organizations in Africa Programme. IFAD has developed different strategies and ways to partner with farmer organizations at the national and regional levels and monitors and reports on its progress.
  • At the national level, IFAD has been focusing on enhancing farmer organizations' involvement in the design of country strategic opportunity programmes (COSOPs) and projects, and in the implementation of IFAD-supported projects. The extent to which governments provide a conducive policy and legal framework for rural people's organizations and the quality of dialogue between government and these organizations are among the factors which determine the level of financing IFAD makes available to each developing Member State.

Who we partner with

IFAD works with the key global and regional level farmer organizations, and with their national and sub-national member organizations. Key partners include:

In the last decade, alliances between IFAD and other donors and partners such as the European Union (EU), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) have been developed in support of farmer organization networks through regional programmes.

Since the launch of the Farmers’ Forum process, IFAD has been developing and deepening its collaboration with AgriCord in the provision of technical assistance to farmer organizations. This partnership was instrumental to develop the capacities of these organizations, particularly nationally and sub-nationally.

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Improving sustainable integration of small-scale producers into emerging value chains is the aim of a financial agreement signed here today between the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Argentina.

IFAD and Cambodia to increase smallholder farmers’ incomes by expanding market opportunities

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Cambodia signed a financial agreement today to fund a rural development project that aims to increase incomes for 75,000 smallholder farming households by expanding commercial agricultural markets and developing links between producers, buyers and service providers.

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Report to the sixth global meeting of the Farmers’ Forum in conjunction with the thirty-ninth session of IFAD’s Governing Council.

Partenariats en action: 2012-2013: Vue d'ensemble

janvier 2014

Le présent rapport constitue, de la part du FIDA, la plus complète des tentatives visant à dresser un bilan des différentes expériences de collaboration avec les OP et à recenser les tendances régionales qui émergent.

Cette démarche offre un point de départ pour la reproduction à plus grande échelle des approches réussies et leur élargissement à d'autres pays et d'autres contextes. Le rapport analyse les modalités du partenariat en cours pendant la période 2012-2013, et met en lumière les expériences réussies et les réalisations observées dans les programmes - pays du FIDA et dans son portefeuille de dons.

Le rapport s’appuie sur les résultats d'une enquête réalisée auprès des chargés de programme pays du FIDA, d'entretiens avec des membres concernés du personnel du FIDA et d'une étude sur dossier approfondie de documents concernant des projets en cours et de nouveaux projets, ainsi que certains dons régionaux et programmes - pays.

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