IFAD Annual report 2016

Learn more about IFAD’s work to promote rural transformation in our 2016 Annual Report. Discover how our investments are empowering rural women and men, and review the facts and figures we share with our Member States and partners. You can also find out more about our advocacy work on behalf of rural communities worldwide.

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Table of contents


Map of ongoing investment projects and IFAD country offices
See where we work and where our 40 country offices are located.

President’s foreword
After eight years at the helm of IFAD, the outgoing President, Kanayo F. Nwanze, reflects on the reform and evolution of the organization under his leadership. He outlines the achievements and changes that have made IFAD a truly 21st century organization, including decentralization, financial reform and rigorous impact assessment. Under the new President, Gilbert F. Houngbo, of Togo, IFAD remains committed to driving inclusive rural transformation that leaves no one behind.

Programme of work 2016
Learn more about IFAD’s five regions, the challenges faced by rural women and men, and our key areas of focus. Get the big numbers from the Portfolio Management Highlights for each region. Read the stories from the field and meet the people and the communities we work with.

Major initiatives and new programmes
Find the details of our advocacy and knowledge-sharing on smallholder agriculture and rural development during 2016 in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read up on our new Strategic Framework 2016-2025, which sets out how IFAD will work in ways that are bigger, better and smarter. Learn about major initiatives, such as the Rural Development Report, the new IFAD research series and the Impact Assessment Initiative, and specific new programmes that IFAD is supporting worldwide.

Measuring and improving results
See the highlights of the 2016 Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness and learn about our processes to optimize programme quality. Read a summary of the Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations produced by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD, and evaluations of IFAD country programmes. Also, check in on our approaches to ethical behaviour in the workplace, our anticorruption policy and human resource management.

Financing data and resource mobilization
Learn more about IFAD’s portfolio and how we fund our work. This chapter gives information on resource mobilization, and details on our investments, including, supplementary funds, cofinanciers, financing by sector, loan disbursements and our approaches to debt relief and debt management.

Meet the winners of the 2016 IFAD staff awards and read about Nwanze’s achievements.

Summary of 2016 programmes, projects and grants 
In 2016, our Executive Board approved 24 new programmes and 53 new grants. Learn more about the aims and financing of these new projects and read stories from the field about other grant-funded activities currently underway.

Organization, membership and representation
Learn about IFAD's structure and the representatives of our 176 Member States. 

Publications in 2016
Take a look at a selection of IFAD publications, co-publications, papers and advocacy materials released during the year. Articles by IFAD staff members are also listed.


Consolidated financial statements