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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger in developing countries. Its work in remote rural areas of the world helps countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

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Issue 24 – December 2013

IFAD's strategy to address Climate Change and Natural Resources Management
Sustainable environment and natural resource management (ENRM) lies at the heart of delivering poverty reduction for poor rural people. The rural poor are in the front line of climate change impacts. The ecosystems and biodiversity on which they rely are increasingly degraded. Their access to suitable agricultural land is declining in both quantity and quality. Their forest resources are increasingly restricted and degraded. They produce on typically marginal rainfed land with increased water scarcity. Energy and agricultural input prices are on a rising long-term trend; and declining fish and marine resources threaten essential sources of income and nutrition. Read more

Revitalising the biodiversity of Lake Tana watershed in the Amhara region of Ethiopia
With the largest cattle in the whole of Africa and a growing population soon exceeding 90 million people, free grazing and pasture is becoming a serious issue in Ethiopia. Land is more and more degraded. The soil is depleted of its nutrients and cannot longer regenerate itself, while the amazing biodiversity found in the country is seriously threatened. Read more

Rwanda: new user-friendly biogas system piloted under an IFAD project
As a low-cost integrated system providing alternative energy as well as organic manure, biogas can provide an answer to reducing gas emissions and improving soil fertility.  Read more

Rwanda: Supporting Natural Resources Management through Community Innovation Centres
The new IFAD-supported Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project (UTaNRMP) started earlier this year as a follow-up of a pilot project implemented in 2004, the Mount Kenya East Pilot Project (MKEPP). Not only will it extend the geographical base of the initial project, but it will scale-up what worked well in MKEPP as well as transform its management framework to better deal with the increased scope of the project. Read more

Sustainable agro-pastoralism in Eritrea
Eritrea is a hot desert strip along the red sea coast with its mountains rising into the central highlands. The western plains extend to the border with Sudan, a vast arid area that receives little rainfall. The IFAD and GEF supported Catchment and Landscape Management Project (CLMP) is working in the western region to address the salient environmental challenge of land degradation. Read more

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